Rabbi Spero: In Name of Fairness & Biblical Tradition It’s Time Dems, Media Accept Trump’s Innocence

Rabbi Aryeh Spero
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | April 22, 2019 | 4:16 PM EDT

President Donald J.Trump (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Special Counsel has issued his report, and the Attorney General has made his thorough assessment.  The undisputed conclusion is that President Trump is not guilty of any type of collusion whatsoever.

The President was elected fair and square.  We have gone through two years of intense investigation, examination of witnesses, and turned every stone upside down.  Already, two years ago, we believed the President was innocent of the manufactured charges against him by his political enemies.  Mr. Trump is a tough fighter, but his love for America would never allow him to employ foreign agents to determine the will of the American people he loves.

It is time certain Congressional members, and the media, stop upending this country and accept the rule of law.  Unfortunately, many seem to be placing raw politics above the law and above the serenity this country deserves.

The Bible tells us that judges hear witnesses, make their determination, and once a man is declared innocent, we move on and affirm his innocence.

In the name of fairness and the biblical tradition, it is time that Representatives Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, Alcee Hastings, and Senator Richard Blumenthal accepted the reality of the President’s innocence and allowed the country and the President to do the important business of protecting our citizens, growing our economy, and maintaining our liberty.   Not to do so is harmful to the country and a desecration of justice under the law.

Rabbi Spero is a theologian and a political and social commentator. He is author of "Push Back: Reclaiming Our American Judeo-Christian Spirit."


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