When Eyeballs Drop Onto Their Laps: Things Abortionists Find Funny

By Kristan Hawkins | October 29, 2015 | 3:01pm EDT
Unborn baby (AP Photo)

Humor is a good thing to use in awkward situations. It helps to break the ice, relax the conversation and open up hearts and minds. Having a good sense of humor is helpful for de-stressing, which is why Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres all have had great careers. Making people laugh is good business. But what would attendees at an exclusive conference of abortionists have to laugh at? Their job is to end lives of tiny little humans. Do they have anything to laugh about? Indeed they do.

When undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress started trickling out over the summer, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) asked a judge for a restraining order on certain footage that they were certain the investigators had on hand. That footage was of one of their national conferences, which was a fairly exclusive event, an event where attendees needed letters of recommendation to get in.

The judge ruled in NAF’s favor and put a temporary restraining order on the videos so that CMP was forbidden from releasing the footage. However, Congress subpoenaed the videos, and someone leaked the footage to an online news outlet, who managed to publish several hours of footage until they got a legal letter.

So the footage available online is exactly what the NAF does not want the general public to see. This is what they went to court to try to stop. Why?

What would the public think of the humor of abortionists? Would the mother watching the morning news be amused as the conference attendees laughed out loud and applauded when an abortionist was describing a situation where an “eyeball fell onto” her lap during an abortion? Or maybe it’s hilarious when the baby’s head gets stuck. Attendees got quite the chuckle from that one.

Most people would likely get sick if they heard what these abortionists talked about. According to the leaked footage, some of them were from Planned Parenthood or were recognized for their outstanding “work” by Planned Parenthood. This is the same Planned Parenthood that gets over half a billion a year from taxpayers. Abortionists are probably laughing at that one – what country actually sends taxpayer dollars to the largest abortion provider in the nation? The USA.

The candid discussions in the leaked footage are truly sensational. Abortionists decry the fact that they can’t talk about what they do because there is such a stigma attached to their job and that it would harm the pro-choice movement if they were allowed to talk freely.

Yet talk freely they do in these videos. They lament the fact that some nurses don’t want to do later-term abortions. They discuss how they have reverence for the baby at times, which “was once alive and now, is not.”

They try to justify their actions. They talk about how yes, what they are doing is killing and that the measure of how good they do their job is the baby because they need to count all their parts to ensure a job well done.

So often we hear stories of abortionists and abortion industry workers getting to their current positions because they wanted to “help women” and “do some good” but really, how is it a good thing to knowingly tear a child apart for the sake of what a mother wishes? We need to help these women and support these women who are facing stressful pregnancies and feel that abortion is their only way out.

It is obvious the abortionists who are on the panels at the conference are smart, articulate and apparently successful at their jobs. I would implore them to take their talents elsewhere, to use their knowledge for good instead of evil.

For abortion advocates who support Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry without a second thought, take a minute and think about your views. Truthfully, would you sit in that conference room and laugh and applaud about the eyeballs of preborn children who are being torn up falling in the lap of the abortionist?

I hope you would not find that funny. That little life is ended, his or her potential stripped away and a mother left without her child. That’s not empowering women. That is betraying them.

Kristan Hawkins is president of Students for Life of America. For a mashup of some of the more egregious quotes from the leaked footage, see here.

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