We Need More Abels

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | February 28, 2014 | 4:42 PM EST

Michael Gerson writes in the Washington Post:

"..any ideological movement that claims to be inspired by faith and morality is discredited by language that dehumanizes its opponents."

Gerson is, once again, complaining about the tea party.  But, it jumps out at me that the ideological movement of socialism claims to be inspired by faith and morality.  After all, according to Barack Obama, "You are your brother's keeper."

You'll recall in the Bible, when Cain killed Abel, that he responded to God's inquiry of his brother's whereabouts, "Am I my brother's keeper?"  In order to deflect any blame upon himself for knowing exactly where his brother was, Cain lied, got defensive, and threw the question to God, admitting within it, that not only did he think he was not his brother's keeper, but that it was an insult to suggest such a responsibility.

But, Cain did, in fact, know where his brother was - because he killed him.  Cain killed Abel because he did what he was supposed to do according to his faith in God, and made an offering.  Cain did not do so, and found no favor with the Lord, and became jealous of Abel. When God questioned Cain, God knew what had happened too, yet Cain lied to God.

In Barack Obama's mind, he is telling us that we are the keepers of our fellow man, and that in order to keep them, we are to clothe them, feed them, house them, basically take care of them as though they were children.  He's not going to do this, you have to because a liar and a murderer renounced his responsibility, and we don't want to be like liars and murderers, do we?

But Obama has got it wrong.  We are Abel.

We are the Abel's of the world, doing what is necessary to keep our own flock; our own children, the responsibilities that we undertook as families, but because Obama abuses the Bible to suit his own ideology, the meaning is twisted.

What could be more dehumanizing than living off of someone else? What makes us dignified humans?  Isn't it your pursuit of happiness? Isn't it your work, whether it is from your mind or from your back or hands?  Abel did for himself, for the love of God.  Abel was not supposed to do for Cain, he was supposed to do for himself what God asked of him.  And when Cain didn't produce, God did not show him favor.

In Obama's upside down world view, was Abel supposed to do for himself and for Cain to avoid the jealous rage that eventually killed him?

The Bible story is not an argument for socialism, it is an argument for self-governance.

So, as usual, Gerson's argument about the tea party is more on the side of socialism than self-governance.  The tea party is demanding that government stop spending on initiatives and socialism so that we can go back to a time where we were free to be autonomous and productive members of society, without burdensome taxes and government intrusion.  Obama and his socialists want more taken from the productive to give to those that have fallen prey to the government "keepers" these past many decades.

Obama's view is: more Cains less Abels.  America's promise is found when we have the opposite.