Post Blogger Serves K Street, Not Mainstreet

By Jen Kuznicki | December 29, 2014 | 9:45am EST

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It's amazing to look at the amount of column space that is used up by a blogger for the Washington Post's so-called "Right Turn" blog that tries to demoralize and belittle conservative politicians.  Lately, Jennifer Rubin, a self-described conservative who is very new to conservatism, has been attacking Cruz, but she's been just as vitriolic toward many conservative members of the House and Senate who simply disagree with her inexperienced and disjointed view of conservatism.

And so, as I read her columns, she comes off as an unhinged attack dog, who, rather than listening to conservatives who have, might I be blunt, many more Americans agreeing with them than with her, would rather try to use her space at the Washington Post to seek an outcome to election cycles rather than having a sane conversation on what is right for the country.

For the majority of Americans, the Washington Post blogger does not exist.  Most people, I think we can all agree, don't really get into the kind of politics that is necessary for those who make a living commenting on it.  So, either it is Jennifer Rubin's own view that the majority of people would not agree with, the people she vehemently opposes in her columns, or she's in that nasty DC bubble the rest of the nation ignores.

Influence peddling is a business that is sometimes used for good, open, honest debate, and sometimes it is used as a sledge hammer to work to destroy targets that certain powerful forces would like marginalized.  I don't think it's a secret that powerful forces in Washington DC would like conservatism to take a back seat to lucrative deals lawmakers and lobbyists have all been working on, because conservatism IS the main philosophy of the nation, and its guiding principle of limited government would be a fly in their $295 a jar ointment.

Ostracizing, shutting down debate, ignoring national sentiment, picking polls you agree with and casting conservatives as lunatics is not a righteous way to win people to your side, especially when you call yourself a conservative in the first place.

Our nation needs a very basic national debate on how to put the brakes on this out-of-control locomotive of leftist anti-individualism and begin to reverse it.  We are drowning in negative attacks, divisive policy, shameful cultural rot and absolutely dangerous military and foreign policy, and if all you have to say is, "shut down conservatism by any means necessary," there will be a terrible price to pay.

The American people don't go off on one another when they disagree, and perhaps it's just the fact that being stuck in the DC bubble, with politics all around you, in charge of everything you do and say, that one would spend so much time trying to destroy people who have ideas on how to constrain a government so large it is hurting regular Americans.  And perhaps the whole point is that the Washington Post isn't the top selling paper in Smalltown U.S.A., but it is where Main Street is K Street.

The American people concerned with a broken DC have their own ways of influence peddling, and in every town in this nation they are working to help their fellow Americans see just how the massive federal government is hurting them and how they must help in diminishing it.  Of course, with a blogger like Rubin out there to gauge just what DC thinks of all of us, it serves as motivation and assures us all that we are definitely doing the right thing.

Jen Kuznicki is a wife and mother, seamstress by trade, and American patriot who says, "Now is the time to act."

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