Pigs Will Eat Anything, Including Michelle O’s Failed School Lunches

By Jen Kuznicki | April 1, 2015 | 2:02pm EDT

Obama says we can't afford to "play politics" with kids' health. (AP Photo)

Food so gross, it’s fed to pigs.

The latest on Michelle Obama’s School Lunch fiasco is reported by Kyle Olsen of the Education Action Group Foundation.  It seems so much food is wasted by schools that local hog producers are feeding tons of the waste to pigs.

“New Mexico’s Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is accepting fruits and vegetables thrown away by students at several elementary schools in the Rio Rancho area and collects some five tons per week.

“‘It’s really whatever they don’t eat coming off of their trays, so when they get up to the trash cans they will scrape it into one of our buckets that we pick up on a daily basis,’ ranch CEO Max Wade tells KRQE.”

Pigs will eat anything, and it’s not just fruit and vegetables.  So many children are posting photos of their gross school lunches on Twitter and other social media sites that it doesn’t take long before you see the complete picture of how much of a failure Mrs. Obama’s impossible standards are (type #ThanksMichelleObama into your Twitter search to view).

Hunter Whitney posted this "mystery mush" school lunch to Twitter with the sarcastic #ThanksMichelleObama hashtag. (AP Photo)

The USDA serves upwards of 30 million students every day, and the new nutrition rules have outlawed white bread, causing much of the “grains” portion of the lunches to be thrown away by children disgusted by the taste and looks.  Apparently, chickens love it though.

In addition, the profuse amounts of fruits and vegetables that are thrown out every day, simply because they are perishable, cause lunch counter workers to try to become resourceful in preparing them, but that doesn’t make the kids eat them either; just as kids won’t eat a tasteless apple, they also won’t eat it warmed up with browning broccoli.

Other micromanaged nutritional rules from on high include restrictions on caloric and fat intake, no matter the needs of individual children, restrictions on portions of beverages, no matter how “healthy,” and restrictions on low fat milk and unsweetened juice. Of course, you may have heard that ketchup is limited to one pack now too, and flavorless lite ranch is served instead of the good stuff. And judging by the anger of the children on Twitter, their beloved chicken nuggets are baked and not fried in most cases, and they are much smaller too, due to the caloric restrictions.

It sounds like rationing to me.

I wouldn’t eat that junk either.

So, lucky pigs in New Mexico are scarfing up what’s left on the trays as well as what the school has had to purchase that goes unserved and uneaten.

What big government totalitarians like Michelle Obama don’t get is that just because you serve food to the children, you can’t make them eat it.  They aren’t pigs. They have taste buds, standards and need good food to learn and play.  It’s ironic that the whole reason Michelle Obama claims to have started her lunch rules was because of the rise of childhood obesity.  But instead kids are chucking their school’s food to obese pigs and going to #McDonalds, where they throw out the gross apple slices and order extra fries.

The cost of the national school lunch program is mind-boggling, but kudos to the ranch in New Mexico that is able to put the food to good use.  If children are throwing out half of their “ration” due to federal government force on schools to meet new nutrition demands, then the American taxpayer is spending a heck of a lot of money on pig feed.

I want bacon.

Jen Kuznicki is a wife and mother, seamstress by trade, and American patriot who says, "Now is the time to act."

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