Obama's Natural Disease

By Jen Kuznicki | November 4, 2013 | 1:46pm EST

Thomas Paine published "Common Sense" in 1776, making the case for independence from Great Britain.  Within it, Paine mentioned the basic, natural disease under a monarchy was the need for absolute power.

The anatomy of a tyrant was deconstructed with the adoption of our constitution.  The tendency of man to abuse power was met with significant obstruction within its pages.  Separation of powers was key, and is now a farce.

As we observe the destruction of the greatest nation on earth from within, we realize there are but a few people who actually can see that it is surely happening.  Their vehicles still start in the morning, the sun comes up, they buy $5 coffees and use their electricity with little notice that it is there. Everything seems to be working and going smooth.

How fitting, then, is the fact that our actual well-being is connected with one president, whose own natural disease is his penchant to use the force of government to maintain his power over you.

Every time you feel ill, develop a rash, hurt yourself, or notice changes in your body, you will be thinking, "Obamacare."  Most people would recoil at the thought that their name would be used to direct your thoughts in times of crisis, but Obama is extremely, oddly, comfortable with the prospect.

If Paine is correct, and the natural disease in a monarchy is absolute power, what kind of person does it take to assume that he has been given the keys to power over your health when he twice took an oath to defend the constitution from people like himself?

Perhaps, for Obama and his ilk, it is rationalized that they "are the one's we've been waiting for."  If that is so, then they wish to tell you that absolute power gives them the right to force you to bend to their will.

Is it a natural state for an American to want power over another?  There is so much talk of bullies in public schools, but bullies aren't the norm, they are an exception.  Most children, when in school, go about their business, deal with their own problems and generally interact in a positive and respectful manner.  There is usually only a very small number of people who stick their noses in other people's business, create problems for others, and are only happy when others are as miserable as they are.  Therefore, it is surely obvious that it is not a natural state for most Americans to want power over another.  It is a state of dysfunction and chaos.

However, the nature of a bully has been identified and they can be pegged as bullies because of their personality and character features.

But, is it some thought-out game of pitting people against one another, or rather, just a symptom of a natural disease of tyrants?  To want, not only power to force other people to do that which offends their own nature, but also to make sure that they will be doing so in your name.

Many perhaps think there is something "just not right" with how this president is handling the nation, and for sure, many polls have been conducted that confirm high numbers of people unhappy with its direction.  But, when the nature of the president is one that punishes dissent and promotes sameness in thought, uses force to bend and seeks absolute power, how is it possible that any true American can stand by and let it all continue?

Obama's natural disease to seek absolute power runs completely counter to the American Way of Life.  And, perhaps because of the good-natured people that constitute this nation, we are loathe to identify exactly what is making us feel the warnings.  But, acting as if it is not happening will not stop him from seeking and gaining that power, and the corruption that runs with it, hand in hand.  In the case of Obama, not only is he the bully, but he has paid off the superintendent, the principal, and even the janitor.

In today's soft-serve world, school children are told that if a bully is forcing you to do something, tell someone.  Imagine if everyone you told worked for the bully.  Imagine if all of authority were given to one person, the one who wants everything you have - and more, if you complain.  Imagine that he wants your money, sure, but also realize he wants you to seek him out when you are ill or hurt.

In the land of Common Sense, you are obliged to deal with the bully directly.

There are things in life that cause us discomfort, and a lot of the time, it is speaking of the unpleasant.  Unpleasant because we know the consequences if our fears are correct.  But, unpleasant things are happening to us by distinct and purposeful measures taken by those with concentrated power over our lives.

How many will realize the future of mankind rests upon obstructing the diseased nature of those who wish to rule us?

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