Do you Believe Life Starts at Conception? Then Stop Calling Pregnant Women ‘Future Mothers’

Georgiana Constantin-Parke | February 8, 2023 | 4:56pm EST
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The case that life begins at conception and that the growing fetus is a baby cannot be made without relating it to the subsequent reality that a woman is a mother the moment she gets pregnant. There is no mother- to- be other than a woman pondering the possibility of getting pregnant. The pregnant one is already a mother, for she now has a child.

One can debate what makes a real mother, of course, but from a biological perspective a pregnant woman is just that. And the sooner we mold our thoughts and language to show this veracity, the easier it will become for everyone to understand it.

This goes for the men who impregnate the mothers also. They are fathers. If these adults choose to abort their children, it does not change their parental status. They are simply mothers and fathers of dead children.

It cannot be both ways. Either we wish pregnant women a happy mother’s day too, or we don’t really believe what they are carrying is a child. As I have written before, “the expected unborn is either a fetus, this obscure designation of a developing non- person- human who only has the rights his mother gives him, or a child, an independent soul and human person who should already have all the rights afforded to one living outside the womb. If it is a child, then they are already parents, with all the responsibilities entailed. If it is not a child already, then they become parents once the birth takes place.”

Abortion is made acceptable, even desirable, by a certain type of mentality.

The process of thinking creates images in people’s minds.  When a person hears or reads a story their imagination creates pictures. These are the result of words.

Thus, in storytelling, words are vital. This is why writers, or at least good ones, tend to be exact in their language. This is also why propaganda artists, another more dangerous form of storytellers, are very careful with the words they choose.

In order to make sure all who understand the biology and spiritual meaning of creating life are able to get their message across in a way that is logically consistent and inspires the correct imagery, precise words must be used. This will lead to a clear and easy to understand philosophy.

Let us then be consistent in our thinking and live life aware, awake, and with wisdom. It is the only way to keep on a stable path and not be influenced by false narratives.

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