Unprecedented Child Sacrifice Is a Dark and Guilty Stain on Our Nation’s Conscience

By Dr. Richard Land | January 23, 2018 | 10:51am EST
Pro-life protesters hold signs in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building. (Screenshot)

Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America. And although the approximately 60 million lives lost since then are a stain on American history, God can have mercy and forgive this national sin—if we repent.

There is encouraging news that the country as a whole is becoming more pro-life. A Marist poll has found that a broad consensus has emerged among the American public concerning severely restricting abortion on demand. For example, 81 percent of Americans agree that there should be “significant restrictions,” which include limiting abortions to the first three months of pregnancy, and with exceptions only in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. Perhaps most encouraging, more than three out of four Americans—77 percent—including 71 percent of self-identified pro-choice supporters, say that they believe that the law “can protect both a mother and her unborn child.” Only 17 percent of Americans disagree with that position. So adamant opposition to significantly restricting abortion in America under the law amounts to only 17 percent of the American population, down considerably from even 10 or 20 years ago. The battle for hearts and minds continues, and life is winning.

Pro-lifers are getting younger and are more pro-life about the issue of abortion than their parents or grandparents. Why? One reason is that technology and the advances in embryology have put a human face on unborn children.

These children have grown up with sonogram pictures of their siblings on the refrigerator. This is a baby, and they know it. I was at a rally a few months ago where the young people were wearing t-shirts that said, “I Survived Roe, But Roe Won’t Survive Us.” I believe that we will see the end of abortion on demand in America in the next 15 years. I pray to God this is so.


The Marist poll also demonstrates that the idea that abortion is a gender-divisive issue or that a pro-life position is a “war on women” is rejected by women themselves. The poll showed that 82 percent of women favor restricting abortion to the first three months of pregnancy, 69 percent oppose taxpayer funding of abortion and 60 percent of women support banning abortion beyond 20 weeks.

Since 1973, Americans have killed somewhere between 55 and 60 million babies through abortion because at least one parent considered that baby to be too embarrassing, too expensive, too ill or merely too inconvenient. This level of unprecedented child sacrifice is a dark and guilty stain on our nation’s conscience. The Bible tells us that God has a plan for every life, and God never created a nobody. Every abortion stops a beating heart; a baby’s heart begins to beat at 24 days after conception.

Have we aborted the next Bill Graham, Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr.? There’s a 30 percent chance that we’ve done just that, and there’s a 100 percent chance that we have sacrificed the lives of about 60 million—and God had a plan and a purpose for every one of them. Our God has revealed Himself to be a God of judgment and justice, but also a God of mercy and forgiveness. May God forgive us as we repent of this national sin.

Dr. Richard Land is president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and former president (1988-2013) of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the Southern Baptist Convention’s official entity assigned to address social, moral and ethical concerns, with particular attention to their impact on American families.


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