Are We Walking in Footsteps of Eurabia?

By Daniel Horowitz | February 17, 2015 | 1:05pm EST

Reaction to terrorist attack in Denmark (Rex Features via AP Images)

Every week, we witness new incidents of homegrown Islamic terror in Europe.  Some parts of Europe have become such breeding grounds for Islamic extremism that Jews living there have to conceal their identity.  Just a few days ago, hundreds of tombstones in a French Jewish cemetery were defaced.

As we ominously watch the developments across the pond, every American must ask: is this the sort of lifestyle we want to bring to our country?

As we ominously watch the developments across the pond, every American must ask: is this the sort of lifestyle we want to bring to our country?

Although America is lagging behind Europe in the surge of immigration from Middle Eastern countries, in recent years the pace has accelerated.  With roughly 100,000 new immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries per year, the total Muslim population in America stood at approximately 2.7 million in 2013.  Pew Research projects that number to grow to 6.2 million by 2030.

To be clear, immigrants from every country, culture, religion, or ethnicity have the potential to become a positive contributor to American society or the potential to become a security risk.  However, it is criminally naive to believe that a potential immigrant from Japan carries the same terror risk as someone from, say, Yemen, Pakistan, or Somalia.  But it’s more than just the risk of individual immigrants from Islamic countries that should concern American policy-makers; it’s the cumulative effect of growing Islamic migration and the sinister environment that it helps breed within enclaves of this country, much like it already has done in Europe.

Support for Islamic Terror by the Numbers: the Disturbing Statistics

Why should we electively bring this draconian and dangerous Jew-hating intolerance to our country?

8: The percentage of American Muslims who believe suicide bombing is justified in defense of Islam, according to Pew, based on their seminal 2007 survey of American Muslims. Plugging that number into the estimated U.S. Muslim population of 2.7 million, that would mean roughly 216,000 of them support suicide bombings.

26: The percentage of American Muslims between the ages of 18-29 that support Jihad, which shows that the trend of growing Muslim immigration and concentration is creating reverse assimilation for younger generations, much like it has done in Europe.  With the proliferation of cyber Jihad popularized by groups such as ISIS, it’s likely that the numbers of Jihad-supporting Muslims in this country would be even higher were Pew to conduct another survey today.

150: According to the FBI, roughly 150 “Americans” have gone overseas to fight alongside ISIS in Syria.  While this in itself is alarming and despicable, especially given the fact that their citizenship has not been revoked, what is even more disturbing is the environment that has given rise to such Islamic extremism.

Only 150 were willing to leave their cushy lives here in America, but what does that tell you about their families, neighbors, and communities?  While many of them are undoubtedly peaceful individuals, clearly a number of them are part of that 26% who garner Jihadist proclivities and create the atmosphere in which 150 people are willing to act on that ideology.  Where there are 150 people willing to die for Islam, there are hundreds of thousands who sympathize with Jihad.  According to that same survey, 60% of younger Muslims said they are more loyal to Islam than to America.

Although people are free to harbor whatever ‘sentiments’ they believe, we are under no obligation to continue letting in people in droves from parts of the world where they support Jihad.  In fact, it is nothing short of suicide for us to follow in Europe’s footsteps on this same trajectory.  Why should we electively bring this draconian and dangerous Jew-hating intolerance to our country?

One particular problem we have encountered is the security risks associated with our refugees and asylees from volatile parts of the world.  Just last week, five Bosnian immigrants were indicted on charges related to helping ISIS fighters in Syria.  A sixth Bosnian-American was killed in Syria fighting for ISIS last year.  He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2003.  Hence, biting the hand that feeds them.

Have we learned our lesson?

Now Obama is preparing to let in thousands of refugees from Syria with no effective way to vet them as a security risk.  And even if we can determine that these individuals pose no imminent terror threat, it is clear from polling data of Muslim immigrants already here, as well as the ominous lessons of Europe, that, on average, increased Muslim immigration helps foster the climate of reverse assimilation and homegrown Islamic fanaticism.

This increased immigration from the Middle East, in conjunction with a massive importation of foreign students from countries like Saudi Arabia, has already created a hostile environment for Jewish students in universities across the country.

This is a travesty because America has always served as a beacon of freedom and tolerance for Jews, even as Europe’s soil was being soaked with Jewish blood over the past few centuries.  Are we prepared to tolerate the intolerant under the guise of tolerance and irresponsibly follow in Europe’s footsteps?

Those who share these concerns should exercise their First Amendment rights, lest we follow Europe’s lead on anti-free speech laws against Sharia as well.

Daniel Horowitz is the Senior Editor of Conservative Review. He has previously worked with and written for Madison Project, RedState and Breitbart. Follow him on twitter @RMConservative

Editor's Note: This piece was originally published by Conservative Review.

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