Alt-Left Insanity: The Great Race Toward Racism

By Dan Gainor | January 6, 2017 | 10:00am EST
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Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

It’s time once more for the Great Race! No, not the excellent Jack Lemmon/Tony Curtis comedy, I mean the media/alt-left’s quest to make everything in America about race – except when it’s about race in a way they don’t like.

Then it’s not about race at all.

We saw in black and white this week how awful racism can be. It’s not just about what white people do to African-Americans or what African-Americans do to whites. It’s what people do to one another based on race and how the media and the left mock it when it’s a narrative they don’t like.

For purposes of example, there’s Washington Post idiot Callum Borchers who wrote this about the heinous kidnapping and torture: “If you believe discrimination against white people is rampant, that Donald Trump supporters face persecution, that Chicago is a war zone, and the media is dishonest, then your entire worldview is likely to be confirmed by one awful story.”

The empathy just oozes off the page.

Some outlets, like our friends at Huffington Post, went out of their way to hide the racist nature of the assault. Here was their headline: “4 Charged With Hate Crime After Facebook Live Broadcast Shows Man Being Tortured.” Dang, you’d think they worked at major networks with that spin. We finally have reached Obama’s post-racial America after all.

For those who endured watching the torture video, one of the things the attackers said multiple times was: “F--- Donald Trump.” Now, that might just be scumbags mouthing off. Or it might be that our monsters were repeating what they heard during the campaign – the song “F--- Donald Trump,” which features its title phrase 32 times. The remake starred the talented trio of YG, G-Eazy and Macklemore. (Apparently, Nipsey Hussle wasn’t fly enough to make the second recording.)

What we learned in advertising, applies to culture. Repeat something often enough and it sinks in, whether it’s buying a Coca-Cola, learning about violence from Tarantino movies or learning to hate Trump and conservatives from no-talent hacks like YG.

And while we are learning about lefty bigotry, let’s get another lesson:


‘Giving Up White Male Authors’: When you take your reading cues from Buzzfeed, you’ve got problems. But that’s precisely what bigot Layla Schlack did, and she naturally went on to the web to claim moral superiority. Of course, she chose her local Boston NPR outlet. Where else would you post a left-wing, racist tract? In a piece under the elitist category Cognoscenti, she wrote about the modern form of book burning. Maybe call it book Berning, in honor of its far-left roots (and the last item on today’s column.) Under the headline: “Banned Books: Giving Up White Male Authors,” we are treated to blatant, PC racism. Actual quote: “One day, a friend and I were talking about books, and she said, ‘I’m kind of trying not to read things by white men.’ So there it was, a description of what I had been doing. And I wasn’t the only one.” No, it’s not about what’s written in black and white, it’s about the color of the skin of the author. Schlack, who is an editor (shocker!) at Wine Enthusiast, claimed her actions were “anti-racist.” I’m sure I could find Klan literature that claims their actions were much the same. She also argues that it’s not much of a loss. Actual quote two: “I'm not looking for a pat on the head for giving up fine literature by white men, because it's not a sacrifice.” Yeah, who needs Shakespeare or Hemingway or Twain or … .

Teach The Children: Once more, Teen Vogue reminds us how much liberals try to propagandize to your kids. The moron mag attacked conservative Philip Anschutz because he takes profits from his many businesses and uses them to support things he believes in. Horrors!! Actual quote: “For example, the Family Research Council (one of the groups that Anschutz supports) describes itself as a ‘Pro-Marriage and Pro-Life’ organization. Their website shows that it is anti-gay rights, anti-transgender rights, and anti-abortion.” Notice how the less-than-honest turned supporting something like human life into an “anti”? Teens, who only recently happened to be small children dependent on their moms for existence, are fed this garbage to indoctrinate them. Still, Teen Vogue wants to whine because Anshutz owns AEG and “one of those events that's run by AEG is Coachella.” OMG! Beyonce is, like, performing at Coachella! That’s like she works for the conservative movement! Yes, every Teen Vogue editorial meeting (if they have them) must include a hefty dose of exclamation points and emoji. And all of them must be used to react every time a certified cool person like Queen Bee even interacts with a conservative human. And liberals wonder how Donald Trump got elected.


Bernie Sanders: The Musical ‘Inspired By The Revolution’: I almost fell over laughing when my coworker Eric Scheiner showed me his video of the Bernie Sanders musical. The play about “Santa Bernie” was performed in the lefty stronghold of Burlington, Vt. Natch. “Feel The Bern, The Musical” depicted a future America where socialism and climate change are both dominant. The dueling dystopias weren’t seen that way by the fellow travelers in the Village Voice. The Christmas themed performance even remade holiday songs as Bernie ballads. According to the Voice’s Michael Appler, “an orange-haired Grinch has slithered down from his tower to promise us gifts.” But never fear, “that dream of a Bernie Sanders utopia is still alive.” Actual quote: “Her spectacle is also postapocalyptic and takes place in the year 2132: Global warming has washed away the eastern coast of the United States, and the characters have gathered for their holiday on the new shore — in Cleveland.” Perhaps, by that time, the Browns will have had a winning season. Or, Buffy fans might at least hope the hellmouth is closed. Actual quote two: “Christmas is obsolete in 2132; instead the characters assemble to celebrate NotMeUs, a festival fixated on Sanders, who has returned to Earth in the form of Sanders Claus.” Notice how liberals like to turn their politicians into religious, almost-God-like figures? They did it for Obama all the time, especially the halos in the photos. And they even sang redone hymms (or hers) to Hillary. When you lack a moral center, it’s easy to manufacture one – as long as you wear your Birkenstocks while doing it.

Dan Gainor is The Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow and Vice President for Business and Culture for the Media Research Center.


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