Alt-Left Insanity: Can We Have a Day Without Whiny, Male Liberals, Too?

By Dan Gainor | March 10, 2017 | 2:42pm EST
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Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends … Apologies for our fun hiatus from altlefty insanity but I credit the annual MRC Cruise for throwing an exciting monkey wrench into my column writing.

Where else can you enjoy the brains and banter of people like Col. Allen West, Brigitte Gabriel and my boss Brent Bozell? Not to mention a hefty helping of other witty conservatives including yours truly. The 2018 cruise goes to Alaska Aug. 11-18 and you can sign up here. See you then.

In the meantime, this week was the Day Without “Some” Women. Hopefully, next we’ll get a day without liberal men, too. We saw lefties proclaim that women shouldn’t work on International Women’s Day, essentially arguing that the way for women to get ahead is for them to skip work. That’s advice given by no boss ever. But it worked for the lazy lefties of Alexandria, Va., who opted out of teaching the children and decided to make parents do the job they were paid to do.

Our friends over at Fusion even bothered to interview some of the strikers in a piece headlined oh so subtly: “Talking to 11 NYC women (and one man) on Women’s Day about striking, Trump, and why capitalism sucks.” Yes, this is the site of an actual, alleged news organization. Anyhow, the comments from strikers include: When one couple was asked “Is this your first protest?” the “reporter” got an illuminating answer: “No! We try to go to one every week. We’re retired now.”

That cuts to the heart of the alt-lefty protest movement and why media and especially Republicans on the Hill need to ignore it. It’s not a tidal wave of growing opposition. It’s a group of people who do it as a vocation or even a vacation. Here’s the rest of the actual quote: “Sunday it was Standing Rock. [To her wife] Honey, what was the other one we went to on Saturday? There was Not My President, Planned Parenthood. Oh—and every day we make calls to our representatives in Minnesota.”

So let’s count on the alt-left for even more crazy from the previous week:


The Global Socialist Workers Paradise: So you thought the bogus strike was an event for women? Nope. Thanks to our friends at whackjob, lefty Fusion, it’s clear this was one more chance to put the red brigades into the street to protest President Trump. Fusion, the voice of “The Resistance,” complained the holiday isn’t left-wing enough. Actual quote: “In the United States, International Women’s Day—much the same as the mainstream feminist movement—has been whitewashed, stripped of its origins in the socialist and labor movements, disconnected from its more radical global contemporaries, and repackaged as an anodyne, symbolic holiday in which corporations urge you to send cute gifs to your girlfriends.” They were courteous enough show how sincerely nuts the largely Soros-funded strike organizers were. Actual quote from said organizers: “The idea is to mobilize women, including trans women, and all who support them in an international day of struggle—a day of striking, marching, blocking roads, bridges, and squares, abstaining from domestic, care and sex work, boycotting, calling out misogynistic politicians and companies, striking in educational institutions.” Libs: Strike while the iron is hot. Hey wait, is that a household chores comment?

"When We Rise" (Screenshot)

Even Liberals Can’t Say They Persisted: Lefties might be getting tattoos about persisting, but they are limits to how much even they can handle. Like eight hours of boring pro LGBTQIAetc propaganda. No one wants to see that. Witness the silly ABC docudrama (more drama than documentary) “When We Rise.” It was standard awful lefty agenda garbage, featuring numerous attacks on conservatives and this cool actual quote: “I say we just get rid of all the heterosexuals. They're so boring.” But this was so bad even liberals couldn’t stomach it. During a recent Q&A, Washington Post TV critic Hank Stuever was asked why the show “got only a cursory mention in the Post.” Here’s his priceless actual quote: “I did watch and it put me to sleep, over and over. Boring, clumsy, self-important – all the things you don't want to be when telling the great gay American story. I know we're SUPPOSED to watch it, but there is such a thing as gaysplaining, and I can't imagine why ABC thought four nights of that was a good idea. My time this week, both as a gay American and as a TV critic, was better spent reviewing the Oscars and the extra-incredibly fabulous ‘Feud: Bette and Joan.’ Sorry – choices have to be made.” So even a self-described “gay” TV critic at a liberal news outlet couldn’t stand that much lefty agenda. Yay, common ground! (H/T Tim Graham.)


Don’t Believe The SPLC: It’s spring, the time to spring forward and fall back. In the case of the media, they are falling back on racist allegations from more than 50 years ago. To do that, they need to rely on a group that simply can’t be trusted – the Southern Poverty Law Center. Just ask Floyd Lee Corkins. He’s the dangerous nutbag that looked at the SPLC website before he decided to shoot people at the Family Research Council. He relied on the group’s “Hate Map” and decided to go shoot the haters. You can find bios claiming several prominent conservatives are “extremists” such as the American Family Association’s talented host Bryan Fischer, FRC’s esteemed Gen. Jerry Boykin, and even FRC’s respected leader Tony Perkins. Both lefty and traditional news outlets still refer to the SPLC as a hate expert when it’s more accurate to call it a hate group. Actual quote from a Salon interview with Heidi Beirich, director of the SPLC’s humorously named Intelligence Project on whether Trump can be blamed for hate crimes: “I do not think there’s any question that Trump is the cause.” The article goes on to cite inflated hate crime stats that ignore the huge number of hate crimes that have been found to be entirely bogus, undermining the problem of actual crimes. The article ends, of course, with claims about “the parallels to the 1930s in Europe.” Because what good piece of alt-left lunacy doesn’t have Nazi links in it today?

Dan Gainor is The Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow and Vice President for Business and Culture for the Media Research Center.


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