Murderers' Row

By Craig Shirley and Scott Mauer | June 24, 2017 | 1:53pm EDT
Vladimir Lenin (WIkimedia Commons/Public Domain)

It’s become sort of a meme to dismissively say “so much for the tolerant left” whenever a leftist, a liberal or a collectivist commits an atrocity such as burning down a campus. The overuse and insanity of the phrase aside, it resonates precisely because it is true.

For decades, the left has touted themselves as the “tolerant” ones, whether tolerant toward minorities, LGBT, women, you name it. It’s pure politicization of making it a black-and-white, left-versus-right, tolerant-versus-intolerant dynamic. The left are the Earth Mothers and peace lovers, justice seekers; the right are the hawks and war-lovers, the intolerant, the racists, the homophobes. You get the picture.

It’s also delusional. In fact, it has been the left, not the right, that have primarily been the aggressors against other humans. This is not a recent shift either, but a constant.

The Democratic Party has a long and bloody history as the party of violence and the left-wing ideological embodiment of intolerance and savagery. We all know the Democratic Party was the architect of slavery, but not all know the Democratic Party endorsed lynching long after the Civil War. For years, the Democrats would not put an anti-lynching plank in their political platform and only did so in the 1940s, years after the Republicans did (who by the way, also freed the slaves and supported suffrage for women, again long before the Democrats).

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, where the leftist and communist uprising violently overthrew both the Tsar and the provisional government of Russia, is a case in point. It was not a bloodless revolution, or even a revolution in which the extrajudicial violence was condemned. In fact, it was welcomed by its own leaders.

Vladimir Lenin, in 1918, said that never has there been a peaceful workers’ rebellion, and that “we must not depict socialism as if socialists will bring it to us on a plate all nicely dressed.” He continued, “When violence is exercised by the working people, by the mass of exploited against the exploiters--then we are for it!”

Such a sentiment was earlier embraced by the bloody French Revolution and subsequent Reign of Terror. These two revolutions were believed to be a radical departure from monarchist government, to be for the people’s best interests and for the betterment of the common man. But to quote The Who, “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.”

We don’t even need to touch Josef Stalin’s and Adolf Hitler’s dictatorships, where both used their collectivist power--Stalin’s communism, Hitler’s national socialism--to terrorize, oppress, destroy, and murder. We don’t need to touch upon the long and despicable occupation of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe.

Sail across the Atlantic, and the United States has similarly been hit by leftist violence. The Democratic Party has long been the party of death and of violence. Most successful and near-successful assassinations of presidents have been committed by Democratic or leftist thugs. John Wilkes Booth was a Southern Democrat and Confederate sympathizer, who became enraged amid hearing of slaves being set free, and set out to murder President Lincoln for it. 

Lee Harvey Oswald, killer of John Kennedy, was a known communist sympathizer, and even attempted to seek asylum in the Soviet Union when he visited there. “I am a communist and a worker, and I have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves,” Oswald had written in a letter asking for Soviet citizenship.

John Hinckley, Jr., hated Ronald Reagan and tried to kill him to impress actress Jodie Foster. The assassin of William McKinley in 1901 was an anarchist. Squeaky Fromme was s left wing “flower child” who nearly killed Gerald Ford.

In 2006, British filmmaker Gabriel Range made a mockumentary depicting the assassination of then-president George W. Bush. The film was met with intense criticism, even by such networks as NPR and CNN, but still managed to gross nearly $1 million worldwide.

Similarly, starting in the 1990s and picked up by Broadway in 2010, the musical “Assassins” shows the assassinations of U.S. presidents throughout history, adding comedy and mockery to very-serious events. The actor playing Hinckley repeatedly shoots at a cardboard cutout of Reagan during the week of the Reagan funeral. How funny.

The chaos of the Vietnam War split the country in two, generally between party lines. That was the catalyst for the hippie movement, after all. But when it came to the Vietnamese boat people, the left weren’t very accepting. Thousands of freedom-seeking refugees attempting to escape from communist oppression sought asylum in the United States, and were soon turned away by many in the left. Jerry Brown in California objected to them, saying “There is something a little strange about saying, “Let's bring in 500,000 more people' when we can't take care of the 1 million [Californians] out of work.”

Elizabeth Holtzman of New York echoed that, saying that accepting them would put the elderly, poor, and unemployed to the backburner. Most offensive of all, however, was Sen. George McGovern’s objection. “Asian people should stay in Asia,” McGovern blatantly said.

The vile Jane Fonda took out newspaper ads denouncing folk singer Joan Baez for championing the cause of the Vietnamese Boat People.

During the cultural and sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, a leftist extremist group dubbed The Weathermen (and later the Weather Underground Organization) carried out a series of bombings and violent crimes. One of their more famous atrocities--which luckily killed and injured no one--was on February 28, 1971, when the United States Capitol was bombed on the ground floor, causing approximately $300,000 of damage. This wasn’t their first attack, either, as just the year before, a series of TNT bombs detonated at the San Francisco Police Department Park Station, killing one police officer and injuring fourteen others. They continued into the 1980s as well, though much less frequently than in the ’70s.

And then we have Planned Parenthood, which is unapologetic of its Final Solution for infants. Ever since Roe v. Wade in 1973, millions of infants have been murdered in horrifically brutal manners. The secretly-recorded tapes released last year are proof of their pride in this but still, they hand out Merit Badges to politicians who help the organization abort more unborn babies.

Liberals ignore their own hatred and their own rhetoric. They present themselves as the good guys” who are “tolerant,” yet turn a blind eye when they themselves commit some atrocity. These are the same people who behead President Trump and shoot President Bush and President Reagan for “art.” They are the same people who say Otto Warmbier deserved to die and be tortured by North Korea became he was white. These are the same people who shut down speakers and burn down campuses because they don’t like conservatives. Yet, when a lowlife Bernie supporter opened fire on congressmen, they dare to wash their hands and declare themselves free from sin.

Murder, thy name is collectivist.

--Craig Shirley is a presidential historian and author of four bestsellers on President Ronald Reagan, his latest being “Reagan Rising.” He has a political biography on Newt Gingrich, “Citizen Newt,” coming out August 2017. Scott Mauer is Craig Shirley’s researcher.

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