Cowboy Logic: Do What You've Got to Do, Israel

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | January 7, 2014 | 9:31 AM EST

I don't claim to be an expert on the Middle East foreign policy - or anything else for that matter - and I view world events in a cut-to-the-chase, stripped down method I call Cowboy Logic, and for those of you who haven't read my explanation in some of my earlier columns, let me enlighten you.

Cowboy logic:

2 and 2 is always 4

Water never runs uphill

If there's smoke, there's a fire somewhere.

Simplistic? Yes. Dignified or intellectual? No, but it cuts through a ton of red tape, hyperbole, doubletalk and "diplomatese" and gets to the heart of the matter where all meaningful conversations and opinions have to end up eventually.

Fact: Iran is not worthy of enough trust to fill a child's toy tea cup set, much less the trust of a gullible Western world which enforces the sanctions that have brought them to their fiscal knees and they'll say anything and promise anything to get them lifted.

Fact: Iran has their sights set on a weapon of mass destruction and a delivery system capable of reaching not only Israel and the Middle East but also the Western world and lifting sanctions will not curtail the arrival of that day but hasten it and no amount of shuttle diplomacy or presidential waffling will change that fact.

No matter how much of the farm Obama gives away or how many "meaningful" conversations John Kerry has with Iranian diplomats and power brokers, the cold hard truth is that Iran is well on the way to perfecting a nuclear weapon and the missiles to wreak havoc on Israel and whoever else they deem worthy of destruction and all Obama's acquiescent overtures of peace in the Middle East will not change that alarming fact.

I think the pursuit of peace is a noble and righteous thing. Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God," but what Obama is seeking in Iran is not going to amount to peace. At the very most, it will cause a short postponement of Iran's nuclear program while they get their economic house in order after which they will thumb their noses at the world and pursue the program to its deadly fruition.

And where does archenemy Israel fit into this scenario? Are they supposed to gather around the giant menorah across from the Knesset, join hands and sing "Kumbaya", secure in the knowledge that Obama and Kerry are on the job and have their best interest at heart?

Conversely, from what I can gather, Obama is much more concerned with the Iranians, bending over backwards (or should I say bowing?) to cobble together some kind of deal that looks good on paper but, in reality, is worth about as much as a Zimbabwe one hundred trillion dollar bill, absolutely nothing.

Saudi Arabia is already consulting with Pakistan about developing their own nuclear weapons and have gone as far as offering Israel the use of Saudi airspace, should they attempt a preemptive strike against Iran, and with the kind of money the oil rich nations of loose cannons in that neighborhood possess and the nuclear capabilities of cash strapped nations like North Korea and Pakistan, there's no predicting the ramifications of Obama's initiative.

The odd thing is that, in seeking a legacy as the one who tamed the Iranians and brought stability to the Middle East, Obama's legacy could well be as the one who enabled a nuclear-armed Middle East and brought on an event commonly known as the Battle of Armageddon.

Note: Armageddon does not denote a government or a race of people - it is a geographic reference which is actually the Greek form of the Hebrew name Har Megiddo, Har being a hill near the ancient city of Megiddo near Mount Carmel in Israel where there is a low flat plain called the Jezreel Valley stretching for miles in all directions, that has been the scene of battles in Israel for thousands of years.

Obama keeps trying to put Israel in a box, to get them to promise not to attempt to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities and I'm sure that, should they choose the only sane course open to them and initiate a unilateral action, the international media, the United Nations and all the countries of the Western world would castigate them for their "aggressive attack" on Iran. But, in all likelihood, they'd get a back door, publicly undeclared "thank you" from the other Muslim nations in the area.

But, think back to the 60s, America. What did we do when Russia made an attempt to put deployable missiles in Cuba?

We had a perfect right to defend ourselves then, and so does Israel now.

They can't be expected to sit back and let the State of Israel be destroyed, and with Obama as the leader of the free world and his attitude toward Islam, there is nobody who is going to take their part.

So, I say, Israel, do what you've got to do. Cowboy logic says there's no other way.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels