Congressional Healthcare Should Be Provided by the VA

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | May 29, 2014 | 9:37 AM EDT

The current situation at the Veterans Administration is a national disgrace and paints the Congress and the White House with the same filthy brush, and not just this Congress and White House but, to one degree or another, all those in recent memory.

The very idea of the people who have laid their lives on the line for the very existence of America being shunted to the side to wait around to die is despicable past the point of me having the vocabulary to express how truly incensed and nauseatingly sickened I am by the treatment of the people who should be at the very top of the priority list for the best healthcare available.

And to have a "commander in chief" who claims to have known nothing about the situation and a Congress who ignores it until there's newsprint and TV face time available to denounce it is almost beyond the belief of even someone like me who holds politicians in a position between ambulance chasers and carney shysters.

The president is known as the chief executive, which means he sits atop the bureaucratic pile with a finger on the pulse and ear to the ground knowing the condition of every important facet of government. To hire a capable and motivated staff, worthy of trust and, above all, reporting what is going on in their bailiwick, bringing it to the president's attention so he can make decisions based on their information.

To say that the Obama administration is dysfunctional is like calling Lake Pontchartrain a mud puddle. From what the president says, nobody tells him anything - he learns it from the media after the fact along with the rest of us. Fast and Furious, IRS targeting scandal, and now the VA, Obama comes off as the most uninformed president in history.

People, if that is truly the case, this president needs to do a wholesale firing and hire some people who have at least got enough sense to bring serious matters to his attention.

And, a little tip to you folks who are waiting for Obamacare to solve all your healthcare problems: regardless of what Obama says - along with most of the Democrats, his ultimate goal is a single-payer, government-run national healthcare system. He admitted in 2007 that, while it might take a while to get it, he was a proponent of single-payer system.

Well people, that's exactly what the VA is and you can bet everything you own - down to your shoelaces - that's precisely where Obamacare is headed. Priority lists, long waiting times to see a doctor, tons of bureaucratic red tape, all of which will lead to a monolithic monster, seriously inferior healthcare administered by overworked, underpaid, indifferent staff that will eventually bankrupt our county.

And when you have gotten past a certain age, major procedures such as transplants, pacemakers and expensive drugs will be denied to you by some bean-counting, pencil pusher whose only medical experience is opening a bottle of aspirin.

Someone even asked Obama a question in a press conference several years ago - citing her mother who was 99 when she needed a pacemaker - if he thought that a person's spirit or quality of life should be taken into consideration with regards to healthcare decisions, or if there was a medical cutoff at a certain age. Obama famously said that a person in that situation "may be better off not having the surgery but taking the pain killer." The woman's mother (who did have a pacemaker put in) was 105 when she asked Obama that question.

I have marveled at how almost half of this nation still trusts the word of a president who has faced the nation and blatantly lied to us. Practically everything this man has touched has turned to dust or is buried in the darkness of executive privilege.

The roll out of Obamacare should have tipped off even the most fervent Obama apologists that these people did not know what they are doing. When they hire a foreign web designer who was definitely not up to the job to do the website, when the world's best are right here on our doorstep shouldn't that plus the nightmare the roll out turned into give some serious qualms to anybody with a brain that there are serious infrastructure problems in play here and that the service it will provide will reflect it.

Personally, I think, congressional healthcare should be provided by the VA; then you'd see some fast action taking place.

Every Democrat and Republican in Washington should hang their collective heads, cut through the red tape and fix this disgrace.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and for the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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