America Can't Survive the Obama Years if He's Left Alone to Have His Way

By Charlie Daniels | November 19, 2013 | 9:31am EST

If you are offended by political incorrectness just stop reading right now - 'cause I'm going way out of bounds on this one.

When deficit spending became an accepted policy of the United States government, the nation began its long and painful journey toward an inefficient, top-heavy government and the insolvency we are now facing eye to eye.

Both parties are guilty, both parties are culpable, both parties preach fiscal responsibility and practice undisciplined, flagrant spending of the public funds, with bridges to nowhere, airports that service two planes a week and pie-in-the-sky energy projects that drain billions of dollars from the depleted public coffers and quietly go out of business leaving the treasury with not so much as a promissory note.

America being broke and in debt for every foreseeable generation has no effect on the self-centered professional politicians who are willing to sell off pieces of the nation and the welfare of its people for no other reason than keeping their jaded, out of touch, power-hungry selves in office.

America has been teetering on the brink for the last several decades. Oh, I know that by jimmying the facts, using stilted semantics and downright false information, one administration or another has been able to claim that the nation has averted the abyss and is on the way to full employment and rock solid solvency.

But, the sorry truth is that Social Security is not in a lock box; the government and its voluminous and repetitive bureaucracies are bloated, redundant and so bogged down in regulations they can't move; Congress takes politburo-type liberties, with different health plans and retirement packages, and the IRS is corrupt, outdated and much too powerful.

The Pentagon operates like a college fraternity with retired generals and admirals taking jobs with lobbying firms to use their contacts to secure multibillion-dollar contracts and gouging the government with five hundred dollar hammers that could be purchased in any ordinary hardware store for a fraction of the cost.

The planet is beset with Islamic terrorism, the homeland (mainland America) was attacked for the first time in over 220 years, we have unprecedented national debt and in the middle of all this we elect a president who seems to think that the national treasury is his personal piggy bank - a president who goes around the world apologizing for the greatness of America and actually bowing to a Saudi King.

A president whose college records are not available to the public, who spent his early life, at least the limited part of it we can find out about, in the company of anarchists and radicals and admires the teachings of Saul Alinsky and even tried to appoint an avowed communist to a government post.

A chief executive who's experience amounts to two years in the Senate and a lifetime spent in academia and community organizing, a man who never ran a business or made a payroll and who has surrounded himself with a gaggle of politically correct eggheads and ideologues who think America needs to be fundamentally changed into a European-type Socialist Utopia.

Having control of both houses of Congress in the first two years of his presidency he pushed through the most economically crippling piece of legislature to ever hit Capitol Hill and the Democrats passed it without even reading it.

Now that the practical implications of this atrocious piece of tripe is coming to fruition, in typical Obama style he is just as befuddled as the rest of us and has no idea how to deal with the physical or political ramifications of his own invention.

Americans are losing their insurance policies, policies they've been happy with for years and the same Democrats who have been telling us it's the law of the land are running scared and scrambling to come up with some quick fix before they face the voters next year.

Well, there is no quick fix for Obamacare.

The fact of the matter is that you can't polish a cow patty and what Obama is proposing will not fix anything; he's just concerned with losing both houses of Congress and wants to put off the pain until after the next election.

People, the United States of America is in a total mess and the people in charge have no idea how to dig our way out of it. It's like trying to play the Super Bowl with a high school quarterback and a bunch of Pop Warner League players.

Obama is not capable, ideologically or physically, of running this or any other nation and neither is the team he has surrounded himself with.

His removal of experienced military officers from positions of strategic and tactical importance is either rank ignorance or disrespect for the military.

His cavalier attitude toward Iran, his naive belief that he can strike a deal to stop the production of nuclear weapons, will do nothing more than lift sanctions and allow Iran the time they need to perfect their nuclear program, leaving every country in the Middle East vulnerable and forcing Israel to take unilateral action to avoid their destruction.

Can America survive the Obama years?

Not if this man is left alone to have his way. America at the end of Obama's presidency will be a weaker, less productive nation, no longer feared or even taken seriously, a confused country with no direction, a country torn apart with the worst racial relations in half a century and a staggering entitlement commitment.

What a legacy.

Pray America, that's our only path, and if enough of us will sincerely and continuously do it, it's more than enough.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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