Facebook’s War on Speech

By Brigitte Gabriel | May 8, 2018 | 10:01am EDT
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress. (Screenshot)

The tech revolution has had a profoundly positive effect on advancing freedom of thought and expression. Unfortunately, Facebook’s recent unveiling of a so called “hate speech” button, foreshadows a dangerous future in which this precious principle will no longer exist.

For decades, leftists enjoyed a monopoly on media and entertainment.  Their ability to control the dissemination of information allowed them to advance their anti-American culture war, and silence those who attempted to sound the alarm.

With the exception of Fox News, traditional media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. continuously spew the same leftist talking points on a nightly basis and remain united in their coup against President Trump. But what these ideologues didn’t realize throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign was, Americans weren’t buying their fake news propaganda anymore. Why? Because the way Americans and the world itself retrieves information has changed.

With the tech revolution, Americans have a more customizable means of getting their news and being entertained. Instead of sitting down at the same time every night watching the evening news, they can stay updated on current events through Facebook, or Twitter throughout the day, by simply glancing at their phone.

Gone are the days when Americans couldn’t fact-check leftist pundits and politicians on television, who deceptively frame stories in order to advance their agenda. More to it, gone are the days when the mainstream media could bury a story, simply because it contrasted with their worldview. Now, information is everywhere, and the left’s ability to control the culture is dwindling.

Consequently, the left has gone into panic mode, after the wake-up call they suffered in November 2016. They’ve since attempted to reframe this rebuke of their propaganda efforts by doubling down on them and spewing fake news about so called “collusion” between the Trump campaign and mysterious Russian operatives.

While they wear their poker face on a nightly basis, continuing this factless and embarrassingly absurd narrative, they know that deep down, it wasn’t Putin who elected President Trump, it was the American people.

“But how could this be?” They must’ve asked themselves this question a thousand times.

After all, from the day he announced his candidacy, every mainstream media outlet in America united to attack, malign, and smear then candidate Trump on almost a 24/7 basis, and yet, he was legitimately elected by the American people.


Acknowledging this terrifying reality that they no longer have the ability to control information, the left has turned to tech outlets themselves to try to put the cat back in the bag before it’s too late.

Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently testified before joint Senate Commerce and Judiciary committees about a massive Facebook data breach. During his testimony, Senator Ted Cruz appropriately took Zuckerberg to task over political bias at Facebook, which led to the removal of pages and stories that were apparently deemed by Facebook administrators to be too conservative.

Senator Cruz specified how stories relating to the IRS scandal, Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and the annual Conservative Political Action Conference were all suppressed. In one egregious example, the page of renowned black female Trump supporters, Diamond & Silk, was deemed to be “unsafe to the community.”

Zuckerberg tried to reassure Senator Cruz that he was committed to keeping political bias out of Facebook and allowing freedom of expression to flourish.

“We're proud of the discourse and the different ideas that people can share on the service. And that is something that, as long as I'm running the company, I'm going to be committed to making sure is the case," said Zuckerberg.[1]

Unfortunately, it appears those words were just words.

A recent Facebook test, which was supposed to remain internal, gave users the option to click below the post if they thought it contained so-called “hate speech.”

A spokesperson for Facebook proclaimed that a "bug caused it to launch publicly," but has since been disabled.

Facebook’s explanation that they were merely trying to understand what users thought was hate speech, is hard to believe, given their track record of political censorship.

One thing is certain, the left is on a mission to silence their political opponents and using “hate speech” as justification for suppressing opposing views is their newest strategy.

The radical left hates freedom of speech because it knows it cannot win in the arena of freedom of expression. Consequently, they will now infiltrate tech outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google to suppress opposing voices and take back control of their monopoly on the dissemination of information.

Beware of this emerging trend, because if the left is able to suppress information through these new streams of freedom, there may be nowhere else to go for advocates of liberty. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, political correctness must die, so that freedom can live.

Brigitte Gabriel is Founder and Chairman of ACT for America, the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S. with over 500,000 members and 1,000 chapters nationwide dedicated to preserving national security and promoting Western values. She is the author of two New York Times Best Sellers, “BECAUSE THEY HATE: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America” and “THEY MUST BE STOPPED: Why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it.”


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