Alveda King: MLK--Prophet, Preacher, Change Agent

By Alveda King | January 19, 2022 | 4:31pm EST
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Photo credit: Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Photo credit: Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images)

Every year, during the Martin Luther King and March for Life season, people ask many questions about my family heritage. One question that requires an answer today is the focus of this message.

"Why is there so little attention given to MLK’s role as a prophet and a preacher?"

The answer is really very simple. While seeking the justice MLK sought, the world rejects, omits, or at least disregards and overlooks the spirituality of MLK. His total message included his ministry; with the understanding that we must seek first God’s righteous Kingdom in order to receive justice.

MLK understood that we must repent and be forgiven and then forgive others in order to be successful. No more “I will repent when they confess and apologize.”

The world wants a social gospel. Yes, Martin was a civil rights leader. The world wants social justice. Yes, there are many wrongs and injustices that must be addressed. However, something is missing.

And yet there was more to my Uncle MLK. He was a man of prayer and action, not vengeance. When we hone in on just one aspect of the mission of MLK, we miss the blessing of the fullness of his purpose. As is every human being born to man, MLK was a three-dimensional man.

“They used to tell us in Hollywood that in order for a movie to be complete, it had to be three-dimensional. Well, this morning I want to seek to get over to each of us that if life itself is to be complete, it must be three-dimensional.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

This website of the same title explains this concept thusly: The Human Being: Three dimensions "The Triune Being":

"As the phrase suggests, a human being is made up of three dimensions. These dimensions, if balanced correctly, can lead to the greatest, and most fulfilling life you will ever live. These three dimensions are spirit, soul [will, mind and emotions], and body. All of these aspects of a human being require healthy and balanced care. You must attend to the needs of each dimension or you will not live the life you yearn for.”

What is often missing in the three-dimensional Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century is the “God Factor.” The Civil Rights Movement of the 20th Century was led by prophets and preachers, not politicians and rioters.

MLK Day 2022 is behind us. March for Life Day 2022 is just around the corner. When the marches subside, the real work must be amplified. People must now, as the one blood/one human race, embrace the American Dream. That’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, from the womb to the tomb.

Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is the founder of King for America, Inc. and serves on Priests for Life's pastoral team.

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