Allen West: We No Longer Have a Responsible, Honest, Objective Press in America

Allen West
By Allen West | January 31, 2018 | 10:00 AM EST

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. Mr. West is a Senior Fellow at the Media Research Center to support its mission to expose and neutralize liberal media bias. (Screenshot)

The defining aspect of our military is that its members take an oath, not to a person or a political party. They take an oath to our Constitution and to support and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. And if you are a true “oath keeper,” then that solemn oath has no statute of limitations and does not end just because you stop wearing the uniform.

Part of the commitment that our men and women have to our constitutional republic is to safeguard its freedoms and liberties. Therefore, we are often referred to as “Guardians of the Republic.” However, what happens when the institutions that we are sworn to protect and defend act in a manner that is antithetical to our constitutional principles and values, of which we have committed our lives to preserve?

I am speaking of the Fourth Estate – our media. We all can agree that we need to have a free press, but we also need to have a responsible, honest, and objective press. We must all admit that is no longer the case in America. And what is very disconcerting is when we learn that you have a major news network that is “colluding” with a certain political party, or political candidate, aiding and abetting with messaging, or even worse, directly promulgating specific talking points.

One of my favorite things to do is channel surf various media outlets to ascertain what is being disseminated. I will admit that it is more than often that I find the liberal progressive media outlets slanting, or worse, omitting news altogether. The case is proven when I find myself engaged in debate – well, that is a stretch – with those that only frequent liberal progressive leftist media outlets. Case in point: Recently I had someone confront me and demand that I admit that President Donald Trump was mentally unstable. My response was two-fold: First, I am not a medical professional, and second, repeating the talking points of those who were not medical professionals was not intellectually honest. One should never take the non-objective assertions of certain individuals with a political agenda as truth.

I also countered with my asking the same person if they believed that Barack Obama had lied to the American people? The response I received was that Barack Obama was the finest president we had ever had, and his character was above reproach. I then asked if they felt President Obama had been truthful about the Benghazi terrorist attack. The answer was telling, when they stated, they didn’t know much about Benghazi.

How could it be that there is anyone in the United States that didn’t know that Americans were abandoned to die during an Islamic terrorist attack … in which four Americans did indeed lose their lives. How could anyone not know that the claims by Obama administration National Security Adviser, Susan Rice – attributing the attack to a video – were false, a lie? Also, that Barack Obama repeated the same on many occasions. How can it be that there are Americans who have no idea who Lois Lerner is? Or how about what is Operation Choke Point – the Obama administration DoJ plan to cut off financial institution lending support to gun industry companies?

Even today, we find that there are specific stories that are unreported by the liberal progressive media, such as the entire escapade happening in the upper leadership echelons of the FBI. Or how many times has the leftist media reported that former Obama administration Secretary of State, John Kerry, met with an associate of Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas and instructed them to resist the foreign policy of the Trump administration, and stated he would assist in developing a counter strategy and enlist the support of other Nations? Such activity may very well be in violation of the Logan Act, a punishable felony offense. The talking point from the Democrat party, and the liberal progressive media, is that all of this is just a “distraction.” I see none of this as a “distraction” but rather a representation of an irresponsible press, as exemplified with the utterly disgusting White House press performance in grilling the White House Doctor about his examination of President Trump.

I do not recall any concern over the chain smoking issue of one Barack Obama.

But it is not just the fourth estate, but also the fifth estate, the non-traditional media outlets and associated social media platforms, for which we must be concerned. The recent report from Project Veritas on the techniques and procedures at Twitter to censor certain thoughts, perspectives, and insights is troubling. It should make us all ponder. Is there freedom of expression in America, or has it devolved into a freedom of accepted expression?

The leftist liberal progressive media did everything possible to demonize a truly grassroots constitutional conservative movement called the Tea Party. Ask yourself, how much has been said by the leftist media when it comes to the subject of a violent leftist group called Antifa … truly an oxymoronic organization that supposedly is against fascism by preventing free speech? And I must emphasize the root word “moron” for anyone that doesn’t see the hypocrisy of this black clad hooded domestic terrorist organization. I know there is great coverage of the leftist Women’s march, but how often has the left leaning liberal progressive media said anything about the leader named Linda Sarsour and her background?

My father, my older Brother, myself, and my Nephew all took that very special oath. And we all served in combat zones during our respective era of service. However, the Veterans and uniformed service members of America, as well as all of us, must ask ourselves a simple question: Is the fourth estate honoring our Constitution, or seeking to undermine our Republic?

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. Mr. West is a Senior Fellow at the Media Research Center to support its mission to expose and neutralize liberal media bias.


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