'If They Call It the Trump Wall, It Has to Be Beautiful'

Susan Jones
By Susan Jones | August 20, 2015 | 8:39 AM EDT

A portion of the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. (AP File Photo)

( - A good time was had by all Wednesday night, as Donald Trump delivered his policy prescriptions with a dash of hilarity at his town hall meeting in New Hampshire.

On immigration, Trump talked about the wall he will build "first thing," and which he says he'll make Mexico pay for.

He said the current wall along the U.S.-Mexico border isn't a wall at all -- "It's a little fence.

"I'm talking about a wall," Trump said. "See that ceiling up there?" he asked those assembled in the large auditorium. "A little higher. You do a beautiful nice, pre-cast plank with beautiful everything -- just perfect.

"I want it to be so beautiful, because maybe some day they're going to call it the Trump wall. Maybe. So I have to make sure it's beautiful, right? I'll be very proud of that wall. If they call it the Trump wall, it has to be beautiful."

Trump also discussed so-called anchor babies, children born to pregnant illegal aliens who come to this country so their children will be U.S. citizens. Trump advocates an end to birthright citizenship.

"Here's what is happening. A woman is going to have a baby. They wait on the border. Just before the baby, they come over to the border. They have the baby in the United States.

"We now take care of that baby. Social Security, Medicare, education. Give me a break. It doesn't work that way. The parents have to come in legally."

Trump said he wants people to come to the United States as long as they come in legally.

"If we don't have them come in legally, we don't have a country. We don't have borders, we don't have a country."

At one point in his off-the-cuff musings, Trump mentioned his book, "The Art of the Deal." When an audience member held up the book, Trump offered to sign it for him.

"Give me that book. Nice guy. Should I sign it? Give me that book. Come on, give me that. See?"

And holding it up, Trump said: "President Obama, Secretary Kerry -- I highly think you should read this book, quickly. Quickly! Quickly!"

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