Hillary Clinton Hopes to Toast McCain with Vodka Shots (A Russian Drink!)

Susan Jones | August 27, 2018 | 9:50am EDT
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After sharing fond memories of the late Sen. John McCain on Sunday, former Secretary of State Hillary was asked by Chuck Todd, host of NBC's "Meet the Press," if she plans to raise a glass to her departed friend and colleague.

"Secretary Clinton, I'm going to leave it there," Todd said at the end of their telephone conversation. "I thank you. I assume you and Lindsey Graham are going to have some vodka shots, and toast the senator," Todd said.

"Well, (laughing) I don't know," Clinton replied. "I hope -- I hope that will happen at some point in the future," Mrs. Clinton said.

"I think the Irishman in John McCain would love for you to celebrate that way," Todd told Clinton -- even though vodka is a Russian drink and McCain was no friend of the Russian government.


As it turns out, McCain and Clinton had previously bonded over vodka.

In December 2015, when she was running for president, a reporter asked Clinton, "Have you ever won a drinking competition?"

Clinton actually tweeted the video of her response, which went as follows:

"I haven't been in many of them (drinking competitions), but the most famous one, I suppose, is the one that I engaged in with Sen. John McCain when we were on a congressional delegation and he kind of challenged me, because we have our political differences. But we sat there drinking vodka until we both, I think, agreed to withdraw in honorable fashion, having, I think, reached the limits that either of us should have had."

"I considered it a tie, yes," Clinton told the reporter.

You can see the video she tweeted here.

As for McCain, his Irish ancestry gave him license to tell Irish jokes on the campaign trail, most notably in 2008, when he opened a town hall in Scranton, Pa., with a joke about the drunken Irish O'Reilly twins that fell sort of flat. You can google the actual joke, which hasn't improved with time.

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