'Heaven Has a Wall...Hell Has Open Borders'

Susan Jones
By Susan Jones | February 11, 2019 | 10:08 AM EST

(Screen capture/Twitter)

A Christian-owned grocery store in southeast Arkansas, known for sending messages in its weekly ad mailers, has attracted the attention of Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who tweeted the store's latest message on Monday:

"Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in," the store's message says.

King tweeted most of that message, as follows:

Rep. King also linked to a report by KARK-TV, which noted that the message "isn't sitting well with some customers," while other customers appreciate the apparent plug for controlled, legal immigration.

KARK quoted store manager Jack Digby as saying the message is religious, not political: "I am for the company and I am for God. There’s nothing wrong with what that statement says," Digby reportedly said.

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