Vanderbilt Professor: ‘Christian Organizations Are Under Attack’ on U.S. Campuses

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | March 25, 2013 | 6:21 PM EDT

The political correctness crowd may have a new Christian holiday to target.

Fox News reported that some schools in Long Island, New York are now banning the word "Easter" from being used in Easter celebrations. Instead, the word "spring" is substituted in order to avoid offending non-Christians.

Fox News's Jesse Waters interviewed Professor Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University about the new politically correct effort to ban "Easter." She said that this "is part of a larger effort across the country because we find on our college and university campuses, our Christian organizations are under attack."

Prof. Swann noted that, at Vanderbilt, "Fifteen groups are no longer recognized by the university. It means that they cannot use the email server, they cannot cosponsor events with other groups, they cannot advertise, they cannot get any kind of funding to bring in speakers - and, yet, their parents are paying student fees."

She also says that "the secular humanists will do anything to diminish and marginalize Christianity".

The "spring" bunny and "spring" eggs? Seriously? Is the next major offensive of the political correctness crowd in the war against all things Christian?

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