69% Of Young Americans Favor Tax Cuts For ALL Americans

By Ron Meyer | July 17, 2012 | 9:50am EDT

Young Americans love tax cuts - even for wildly successful people.  A new McClatchy-Marist poll revealed 69 percent of young people (ages 18-29) favor tax cuts for all Americans, while only 29 percent oppose.

The wealth redistribution and "fairness" rhetoric coming from both academia and the Obama administration seems to be failing. Young Americans like financial and personal freedom.

And, maybe they like jobs too.

The best youth jobs recovery in the last 50 years came when President Ronald Reagan cut taxes 25 percent for all Americans. When the Reagan tax cuts were implemented in 1982, youth employment went from a peak of 18.8 percent to 10.7 percent the last term of his presidency--a 43 percent drop.

Private sector businesses--not the federal government--employ young people, and every government spending stimulus has led to economic stagnation for America's youth. In contrast, the Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush tax cuts led to nearly immediate job growth for young Americans.

The less money the government sucks away from the private sector, the more businesses have the freedom to invest in young people.

When the "wealthy" have money, they spend it on jobs for young Americans. Right now, nearly 17 percent of young Americans are unemployed, and we'll take jobs over wealth redistribution any day.

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America just celebrated/bemoaned "Cost of Government Day". It took 197 days for the average American to make enough money this year to pay all their federal, state, and local taxes. The latest Obama administration proposal will only make this figure worse.

History proves young Americans win when the government lets job creators keep more of their cash. Young Americans--supposedly some of the Obama administration's most enthusiastic supporters--want more jobs and less taxes for their employers. The federal government should listen to them.

Editor's Note: Ron Meyer--age 22--is the spokesman for Young America's Foundation and the originator of the Youth Misery Index.

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