Longtime Abortionists Boast About ‘Helping’ Women Before Roe v. Wade

Penny Starr
By Penny Starr | October 19, 2015 | 7:00 PM EDT


Abortion protesters (AP Photo)

New York Magazine recently profiled several longtime abortionists -- including some who performed abortions before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure in 1973.

“The truth is that even before Roe [v. Wade], while few women had access to abortion care and many were forced into horrific back-alley procedures, there were doctors breaking the law by providing terminations,” the Oct. 13 article stated, saying that some continue to practice despite “anti-abortion extremism.”

“Since legalization, they’ve watched the rise of anti-abortion extremism, with bombings, assassinations, and attacks occurring in clinics around the country,” the article stated.

“Many are still practicing,” it stated, including Dr. Curtis Boyd, who performed his first abortion in 1966.

Curtis said women told him that they could only be equal in society if they could decide “if and when we’re going to have children.”

“’We’re at the whim of the pregnancies that come along,’” Curtis quoted them as saying.

“It became my life, it was day and night,” he said in the article.


Dr. Sadja Greenwood told the magazine that her father helped her get an illegal abortion when she was 20, and she performed her first abortion.

“Although the Pill had been legal since the early '60s, a lot of kids were getting pregnant,” Greenwood said, noting that in 1968 100,000 teens came to San Francisco.

“So, we started the first teen clinic at a Planned Parenthood where I worked,” Greenwood said. “It was decorated by the teens themselves, with Indian textiles on the ceiling and their photography on the walls.

“Anyone could come,” Greenwood said. “We didn’t have appointments, because appointments didn’t work.

“It was marvelous while it lasted and it lasted quite a while,” Greenwood said.

Greenwood said Planned Parenthood got the vacuum pumps that were being used in some California hospitals where recommendation by two psychiatrists and one gynecologist could allow a woman to get an abortion.

“When Roe passed, it was just fantastic,” Greenwood said. “The next day, we rolled one of the vacuum pumps [used in most first-trimester abortions] out of the UCSF hospital and took it over to Planned Parenthood so we could start doing abortions there.”

Dr. Suzanne Poppema, who performed her first abortion in 1974 and retired last year, worked at the University of Washington and called the early days of legal abortion a “happy time.”

“There was one physician on the faculty who had illegally done abortions in his own practice,” Poppema said in the article. “After Roe he taught us how to perform them.

“In those early days, it was a very proud, happy time,” Poppema said.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research organization, from 1973 to 2011, almost 53 millions unborn babies have been killed by abortion.

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