Jindal: ‘Radical Islam’ a ‘Threat To Our Way of Life,’ We Must ‘Hunt Down and Kill’ It

By Penny Starr | January 19, 2015 | 6:54pm EST

In an interview from London on Monday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) defended his earlier remarks about “no-go zones” in the United Kingdom, referencing a UK police chief and “elected officials,” and he also stressed that Sharia law is “completely incompatible” with Western civilization and that we must "hunt down and kill" the forces of "radical Islam."

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Jindal, “But are these neighborhoods that you're talking about, these so-called no-go zones, are they in London, Birmingham, other cities? Have you spoken to British law enforcement about this?”

Jindal said, “I've heard all day -- we have met with elected officials and others. And, again, a British police official, a local police chief has made these comments in the local press. It's not a surprise here that there are areas where the police are less likely to go. There are areas where women feel they have to wear veils.”

“But, Wolf, I think you're missing the bigger point,” said Jindal.  “The bigger point is that radical Islam is absolutely a threat to our way of life. This is a group that we must hunt down and kill.”

Earlier in the segment, Jindal said, “Look, you had a police chief here in London today say to the Daily Mail there are neighborhoods -- I'm not talking about entire cities, as others have tried to suggest. I'm saying there are neighborhoods where the police say they don't go as frequently.”

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“There are neighborhoods where women do not feel comfortable walking without veils,” said Jindal. “We don't see that in America. We wouldn't tolerate that in America. But in America, if we continue to allow people coming in without insisting on assimilation, on integration, this is what lies in our future.”

The Daily Mail article referenced by Jindal was from Jan. 17, and ran the headline, “Murders and rapes going unreported in no-go zones for police as minority communities launch own justice systems.”

In the article, Tom Winsor, the Chief Inspector for Constabulary in London, without citing any specific ethnic or religious group, is quoted as saying, “There are some communities born under other skies who will not involve the police at all. I am reluctant to name the communities in question, but there are communities from other cultures who would prefer to police themselves.”

‘There are cities in the Midlands where the police never go because they are never called,” said Winsor.  “They never hear of any trouble because the community deals with that on its own. It’s not that the police are afraid to go into these areas or don’t want to go into those areas. But if the police don’t get calls for help then, of course, they won’t know what’s going on.”

Tom Winsor, Chief Inspector of Constabulary, United Kingdom. (Photo: Daily Mail)

“Honor killings, domestic violence, sexual abuse of children and female genital mutilations are some of the offenses that are believed to be unreported in some cities,” reported the Daily Mail.

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain told the Daily Mail: ‘We all rely on the police to protect our communities and this can be only done through full co-operation and partnership.

“Co-operation is particularly important for Muslim communities who have experienced a rise in Islamophobic hate crimes,” the unnamed spokesperson said.

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