Benham Brothers: Abandoning God Leads to a ‘Culture of Death’

By Penny Starr | July 11, 2016 | 11:10am EDT
David and Jason Benham (AP Photo)

In a video posted on their Facebook page on Friday, David and Jason Benham reacted to the recent deaths of two black men during a confrontation with police – in Baton Rouge, La., and in Minnesota - and the targeting of white police officers in Dallas, Texas, describing how a “culture of death” flourishes in a Godless society.

“Right now, we’re experiencing in America – it’s the culture of death,” twin brother David Benham said in the video. “This is why so many people are so … just angry about what’s going on, on all sides – it’s the culture of death.



“When God is removed, violence is the only thing that fills the void,” David Benham said. “You look in the 1960s – we removed prayer from school, Bible reading from school, the 10 Commandments were taken off of the wall.

“And then, in response to that: 1973 abortion (legalized by Supreme Court),” David Benham said. “It’s the culture of death that follows any time God has been removed “Because [of] the bloodshed in the womb – now we’re starting to see it in the streets, and I’m telling you, it’s because we as a nation have left God.”

Jason Benham said in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, God said the Earth was void of God and violence filled that void.

“Right out of the beginning of time we see that when we remove God – when we remove God from our lives, from our culture from every area of our nation, violence will fill the void,” Jason Benham said.

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