Actor Kurt Russell: ‘Absolutely Insane’ to Think Gun Control Will Stop Terrorists

Penny Starr | December 11, 2015 | 3:05pm EST
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Actor Kurt Russell (AP Photo)

In an interview with a Los Angeles-based entertainment reporter, actor Kurt Russell said that gun control won’t do anything to stop terrorists and that to think otherwise is “absolutely insane.”

“If you think gun control is going to change the terrorists’ point of view, I think you’re, like, out of your mind,” Russell said in Dec. 5 interview with Jeffrey Wells for his Hollywood Elsewhere website. “I think anybody [who says that] is. I think it’s absolutely insane.”

Wells was interviewing Russell about the new Quentin Tarantino film, “Hateful Eight,” in which Russell plays a hardscrabble bounty hunter after the U.S. civil war.

Wells asked Russell if the signature violence of Tarantino’s films might be seen in a new light given the recent terror attacks in Paris and California that killed 144 people.

Wells: “We all know right now guns is a trope. I mean, not a trope – it’s a totem; it’s a metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need…it makes them feel good, because they’re being …..”

Russell: “You can say what you want. I don’t agree with that. It’s not my thing.”

Wells: “Well, it’s statistically … irrefutable.”

Russell: “If you think gun control or something like that is going to change the terrorists’ point of view, I think you’re, like, out of your mind. I think anybody is. I think it’s absolutely insane. The problem, the problem we’re having right now is that we don’t have the concept of how to turn it around and say, ‘You know, you may think you’ve got me worried about what you’re gonna do? Dude, you’re about to find out what I’m gonna do, and that’s gonna worry you a lot more.' And that‘s what we need. That will change the concept of gun culture, as you call it, to something of reality, which is, if I’m a hockey team and I’ve got a guy bearing down on me as a goal tender, I’m not concerned about what he’s gonna do — I’m gonna make him concerned about what I’m gonna do…to stop him. That’s when things change.”

Russell explained that he thinks that art, including films, are just that and separate from reality. Wells then tries to promote President Barack Obama’s idea that people on the no-fly list because of suspected links to terrorism should not be able to get guns so easily.

Russell: “They can also make a bomb pretty easily. So what? They can also get knives and stab you. What are you going to do about that? They can also get cars and run you over. What are you going to do about that?”

Wells: “They didn’t kill the people in San Bernardino with cars.”

Russell: “Oh, but they’ve killed others that way, haven’t they? Yeah, yeah. So what are you going to do? Outlaw everything? That isn’t the answer.”

Wells: “Just put some controls…”

Russell: “Just put some controls? What, so the people, so the people who want to defend themselves can’t?”

Wells: “No, not so you can’t, just so the idiots can’t get hold of them, that’s all.”

Russell: “Do you really believe they’re not going to? Are you serious about that? What good will that…? Oh my God. You and I just disagree. You and I just disagree.”

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