Ukranian Greek Catholic Church: Gender Theory Denies Reality, Mirrors 'Totalitarian Ideology'

Michael W. Chapman | February 14, 2017 | 3:26am EST
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Gender theory -- the idea that one's sex is subjective and not based on biology -- denies nature, the complementarity of man and woman, and God Himself, according to a major document (encyclical) published by the Ukranian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), a 5.3-million-member institution in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  

Gender theory also mirrors "totalitarian ideology" because it says man can create (and endlessly recreate) his own sex and identity and use social and political power to force people to accept his worldview.  In so doing, however, the "natural foundations and principles" of society -- marriage and family -- are undermined, which leads to destruction, said the UGCC bishops in their letter  The Danger of Gender Ideology.

Gender theory claims that a person's biological sex is not set by genetics or one's genitalia. It says gender is fluid. One may be biologically male but identify as female -- and this gender "identity" can change over time. As a result, "gender identity is no longer considered a gift from God, but rather declared a matter of individual choice," state the UGCC bishops. 

By accepting gender theory, say the bishops, a person rejects the fact that "gender is granted by God," and thus also "doubts the fact that God created people as male and female." Gender is viewed as subjective, arbitrary. "It does not correspond to objective scientific data," says the UGCC.

Because it does not recognize science, i.e., basic biology, gender theory rejects the "scientific research, medicine, psychology, anthropology, and bioethics that show the difference between men and women is based on the difference between the structure of the brain, hormonal balance, psychological nature," say the bishops. 

In rejecting science, gender theory or gender ideology rejects reality and the material foundations of society. Gender theory rejects logic and reason, and is constantly in flux. This is destructive and leads to the collapse of civilization.

As the UGCC states, "Gender ideology promotes many forms of sexual identity and behavior that do not at all correspond to human nature. That is why gender theories lead to promiscuity and further demoralization of society. Such a situation leads to disappointment, anger, and the self-destruction of the human race, because its natural foundations and principles are undermined."

Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and Pope Francis. (AP) 

One will not survive long if one denies logic, reason, and nature -- the natural order established by God.

By denying the existence of objective human nature, gender ideology also denies the "complementarity of man and woman, and the values of marriage," as well as the "existence of the Creator and negates the truth of humans in His image," states the letter. "In such ideologies there is no place for God and, therefore, there is no place for the person in their uniqueness and dignity because human uniqueness is grounded in its connection with the Creator."  

Male and female He created them. Gender theory rejects all that and denies mankind's natural and supernatural connection with God. Gender theory is thus anti-God and anti-human, state the bishops. It is forever changing, "fluid," a constant revolution against the order of the body, the order of science, and God Himself. 

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