Trump: ‘We Are Going to Start Saying Merry Christmas Again … That’s The Way It Should Be’

Michael W. Chapman | December 23, 2015 | 3:04pm EST
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Donald Trump.  (AP)

Real estate mogul and best-selling author Donald Trump, echoing remarks he made in September about the importance of saying “Merry Christmas,” told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins that when you go to stores today, you rarely see the word “Christmas,” but that this is going to change – “we are going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

During a Dec. 19 interview on Perkins’ radio show, Washington Watch,  Trump said,  “Well, Tony, I can, tell you this, that religious liberty is very important to me, and I see more and more, especially, in particular, Christianity, Christians, their power is being taken away.”

“I just watch it and I get angry at it,” said Trump.  “You look at what is going on with other religions, you look at, as an example, what’s happening with respect to Muslims and others, where perhaps they just band together better or something. But, you know, the Christian, every year, you just see it more and more.”

“You know, you go from one thing to the next to the point where it’s not politically correct to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to anybody, or you go to stores and you don’t ever see the word ‘Christmas’ anymore,” said Trump.  “You don’t see that term anymore, Tony.”

“One of the things I always say, and I say it lightheartedly but I mean it -- it’s actually not supposed to be so lighthearted -- and I get standing ovations, especially in Iowa and certain places, is we are going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” said Trump.

“Because you go into these stores and you don’t see anything having to do with Christmas and it’s disgraceful, frankly, as far as I’m concerned,” he said, “and that’s the way it should be and I feel strongly about it.”

During the Values Voter Summit in September, Trump said, “The word Christmas. I love Christmas. I love Christmas. You go to stores, you don’t see the word Christmas. It says ‘Happy Holidays’ all over. I say, 'Where’s Christmas?’”

“I tell my wife, ‘Don’t go to those stores. I want to see Christmas. I want to see Christmas,’” said Trump. “Other people can have their holidays but Christmas is Christmas. I want to see ‘Merry Christmas.’”

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