Syrian Nun, Relief Leader: 'Whoever Says ISIS Has No Connection to Islam ... Is a Liar -- ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS'

Michael W. Chapman
By Michael W. Chapman | May 12, 2015 | 5:31 PM EDT

Sister Hatune Dugan, who runs the Hatune Foundation that helps persecuted people around the world, especially Christians and other religious persecuted for their faith, said that people who claim the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam are lying because "ISIS is Islam" and "Islam is ISIS," and that the goal of ISIS is to convert the world to the Islamic religion.

“The mission of [Abu Bakr al-] Baghdadi, of ISIS, is to convert the world completely to the Islamic religion and to bring them to Dar Al Salaam [an Islamic state], as they call it," said Sister Dugan in an interview with CBN News posted on May 11. 

"And Islam is not peace, please," she said.  "Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam or something like this is -- he’s a liar. ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS."

ISIS is the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham, or simply Islamic State. Members of the Islamic State, widespread through Syria, Iraq, and Libya have slaughtered -- beheaded, crucified, burned alive -- reportedly thousands of Shia Muslims, as well as Christians and Yazidis.  

Some of their barbaric executions have been posted to online. Sister Dugan is religious nun with the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church under the Holy See of Antioch. Her international aid group, the Hatune Foundation, is based in Germany but Sister Dugan frequently travels in the Middle East, including Syria and Iraq, to help the religious people being persecuted by the Islamic State.


In the CBN interview, Sister Dugan talked about the Yazidi and Christian women and girls kidnapped, raped, sold into slavery, and sold into marriage by the Islamic State. 

“They choose the most beautiful one, even if they have a small child, and they sell these girls, these ladies, to each other [Muslim men]," said Sister Dugan.  "They don’t sell to another religion, only to Sunni Muslim."

"There have been 12,000 kidnapped at the hands of ISIS – Yazidi [women] alone," she said. "What is going on here, what I was hearing, is the highest barbarism on Earth in history through today."

Concerning her travels and work in Syria and Iraq, Sister Dugan said, "I’m coming here, not for a holiday. I’m coming here to bring a voice to the voiceless – so the world can hear their voice. They don’t have a voice. I am the channel for them. That is my mission."

CBN noted in its report that Sister Dugan's family, when she was very young, had to flee Turkey because of the Islamic oppression there.   

In addition to her remarks about the Islamic nature of ISIS, Sister Dugan said, "We know that in Islam there is no democracy. Islam and democracy are opposite, like black and white."

"And I hope America will understand," she said. "America today has the power that they can stop this disaster on the Earth, with other Western countries."

The Obama administration denies that the Islamic State is Islamic, and instead refers to the jihadists as "terrorists." At a Feb. 18, 2015 summit on countering violent extremism, Obama said, "We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam."

He said al Qaeda and ISIS "portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam," but "we must never accept the premise that they put forward because it is a lie. Nor should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy that they seek. They are not religious leaders. They are terrorists."

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Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman