Sununu to CNN: 'How Much Crow Are You Going to Eat' If Trump-Russia Collusion Story Collapses?

Michael W. Chapman
By Michael W. Chapman | May 30, 2017 | 2:32 PM EDT

Former New Hampshire Gov. John

H. Sununu. (Screenshot: CNN) 

John H. Sununu, the former Republican governor of New Hampshire and chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush, said CNN is peddling its "version" of alleged Trump-Russia collusion,  is reporting "hypotheticals," and added that "no one has cited a single piece of evidence" to support the story.

Sununu also challenged CNN to admit there is "no" evidence of collusion and asked reporter Alisyn Camerota, "how much crow are you going to eat" if CNN's "version" of the collusion story does not correspond with the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller? 

On CNN's New Day, May 30, reporter/co-host Alisyn Camerota asked Gov. Sununu, “Is there anything about the Russia investigation connected to the Trump campaign that troubles you?”

Sununu said, “Yeah, the reporting that’s taking place and the exaggeration of veniality at the suggestion – look, it’s now seven months since the election. And to this day no one has cited a single piece of evidence. … There is nothing there."

“Look, you’re asking hypotheticals on hypotheticals," he said.  "You have nothing –.”

Camerota then said she was trying to gauge Sununu's "comfort level" with the allegations against the Trump administration that it somehow worked with Russian officials in some way to interfere with or influence the 2016 presidential election. 

Sununu said, “My comfort level -- the only discomfort I have is with folks in the media trying to create a veniality without having the courage to specifically tell me what the veniality that I should be concerned about is. I don't have -- I have not identified a veniality. Have you?”

Camerota replied that Sununu "should be concerned if there was collusion."

He said, "I don't see any evidence of collusion. Do you?”

CNN's Camerota then admitted, "Nope." Sununu then replied, “Okay. So that should end your reporting right there. You should put an exclamation point after your ‘no.’”

Camerota then went on say that the Robert Mueller investigation has just begun, and Sununu remarked that the FBI has been investigating for seven months, along with recently launched congressional investigations.

Sununu then said, “Okay. Can I ask a question? If Mueller comes out and says that my version is correct and yours isn't, how much crow are you going to eat?”

Camerota replied, “Governor, I don't have a version of events. I asked –."

Sununu said, “Of course you do. The whole half hour [of CNN] I listened to is a version.”

Camerota objected and said CNN is only asking questions, and Sununu remarked that no wrongdoing, no error had been identified. Camerota then claimed that Sununu viewed the investigation as "silly," and he said no, the story and investigation are "politically motivated by folks trying to rationalize a horribly run Democratic presidential campaign.”

President Donald J. Trump.  (Screenshot: FNC) 


Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman