State Sen. Foreman to 'Safe Sex' Lobbyists: 'Abortion Is Murder ... What You Guys Do Stinks'

Michael W. Chapman | February 20, 2018 | 12:37pm EST
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Idaho State Sen. Dan Foreman (R).

When University of Idaho students and a Planned Parenthood representative tried to lobby State Senator Dan Foreman (R-5th District) about a bill to provide free contraception, the senator dismissed their activism stating that he was a conservative Roman Catholic and believes "what you guys do stinks."

Certain forms of "contraception," such as the IUD, ellaOne, and Plan B, can induce an abortion by preventing the embryo from impanting on the uterine wall. 

The university students and the Planned Parenthood representative went to the Idaho State Senate on Monday, Feb. 19, to lobby for SB 1281, which would require health providers in Idaho to provide, free of charge, a 12-month supply of FDA-approved contraceptives for women. 

In describing the legislation, the ACLU said, "Access to birth control is critical to an individual’s autonomy, equality and ability to participate in the social, economic and political life of the nation."

The contraception lobbyists apparently tried to meet with Sen. Foreman at his office in the morning but he could not speak with them. They left a note in support of SB 1281 along with condoms, reported the Idaho Statesman

Later, they ran into him in the hallway and asked him about the legislation.  

Senator Foreman, in a video shown by KREM 2 News, at one point said to the lobbyists, "You want to talk about disrespect and rudeness? I should play back that conversation for you accusing me of being a liar, accusing me of not honoring my [garbled] campaign."

"Abortion is murder," said the senator.  "I stand against it. I am Roman Catholic. I’m a conservative Republican, and I think what you guys do stinks."


As Foreman turned to enter his office, someone shouted, "That's your choice."  

He replied, “You’re damn right it’s my choice, so stay out of my office. The next time you walk into my office you’ll be dealing with the Idaho police.”

According to his bio at the Idaho State Senate, Dan Foreman, 64, is a 30-year veteran of the Air Force; he was a Master Navigator and combat veteran. He retired as a full colonel. Foreman also is an 11-year veteran police officer (from Moscow, Idaho) and a life member of the NRA. He is married and has seven children and 20 grandchildren. 

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