Rev. Peterson: 'Donald Trump is the White Savior'

By Michael W. Chapman | January 27, 2017 | 3:41pm EST

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.  (BOND)

Author, columnist, talk radio host, and Christian pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, who is a descendant of slaves from Alabama, said prominent black leaders, especially president Barack Obama, could have used their power to clean up the inner cities and help inner-city youth, but they didn't, and now Donald Trump is going to take action to help those urban areas and that makes him the "white savior." 

Rev. Peterson further said that, as president, Barack Obama "dealt with America in an evil way, not a way of love but a way of hatred."

"Donald Trump is going to go into the urban areas, to Chicago, and even if he has to bring the feds in to do it, he’s going to clean out the drugs and the crime and the thugs so that the good folks can finally start growing and living," said Rev. Peterson during a Jan. 26 interview on Newsmax's Steve Malzberg show.

"I’ve noticed that over the past 60 years, not one black man—or woman, but especially black man—has been able to do that," said Peterson.  "From the last 50 years or so, maybe 60, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright Jr., the black politicians and civil rights leaders, even Barack Obama, who had the power of the United States of America behind him, could have gone in with the national guard, with the police department, and cleaned out that mess so the good people can live, but he did not do it."

"It takes a white man to do it, Steve, and Donald Trump will do this," said Peterson, the author of SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America. "So I’m wondering, what is wrong with black men that they are not able to go in and clean up their own neighborhoods, put their own families back together?"

"It takes a white man to do it, and it’s the white man that they hate," he said. "They hate this white man [Trump] and he’s the one that’s going to save them."

"Reminds me of Jesus Christ, how he came and made it possible for us to return to the Father, and he was hated for doing that as well, and they took him out," said Peterson. "Donald Trump is the white savior.”

Then-Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Rev. Al Sharpton.  (AP) 

Earlier in the interview, host Steve Malzberg referred to one of Rev. Peterson's recent commentaries and said, “In the same piece that you wrote about how Barack Obama could have been great as a president, but I hear you talking about the relationship between Donald Trump and his parents and how important that is for anybody and, of course, that’s something Barack Obama did not have.”

Rev. Peterson replied, “Because, as I write about, he didn’t have a relationship with his father. His father wasn’t there so he could look at his father, identify with him and see the right way to go. So, Barack Obama still has a void within him. He doesn’t have love."

"He only has that anger that was passed down to him by his mother, and his father was an angry man too," said Peterson.  "But his mother hated her own color. She hated whiteness, so she turned Barack Obama against America and against white people."


"Barack Obama is angry, so, as a result, he dealt with America in an evil way, not a way of love but a way of hatred," said the reverend. "He did that for eight years."

Rev. Peterson, 67, grew up on the plantation in Comer Hill, Alabama, that his ancestors once worked as slaves. He is the founder and president of BOND (the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), a religious non-profit group that is dedicated to "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man." He is the author of several books, including his latest, The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood.

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