Rev. Kunneman: Trump 'Is a Friend of the Church and Israel,' the News Media Are 'Anti-Christ'

Michael W. Chapman
By Michael W. Chapman | August 10, 2018 | 12:21 PM EDT

Pastor Hank Kunneman. 

In his Aug. 5 Sunday sermon, evangelical Pastor Hank Kunneman, head of One Voice Ministries, said that "God is trying to put things in order" in America through President Donald Trump who has been "called and appointed by God" to wage war against the ungodly, and added that Trump "is a friend of the Church and a friend of Israel."

Pastor Kunneman further said that Christians in government are not perfect and "we have no right to attack them" publicly but should counsel them privately.  This is contrary to the "news media," he said, which are "anti-Christ" and "anti-God." 

“Do you know how serious this is?" said Pastor Kunneman said in his sermon. "If President Trump is saying he is a Christian, you should not attack your brethren. If these people are Christians that are in here trying to bring righteous reform to this nation, we have no right to attack them."

"What you do is call them privately," he said.  "Are you listening? Not like the news media. They’re anti-Christ, they’re anti-God.”

“God is trying to put things in order," said the pastor. "I cried out to God. I said, ‘God, how long is this going to last?’ He said it’s going to last through the rest of his [Trump's] term. Then you’ll see in 2020, things will begin to shift, things will begin to change.”

“And He [God] said, ‘As David was a man of war, there are certain things that are on this president that I’m requiring,’" said the pastor.  "This president has been called and appointed by God—whether you like it, whether you agree with it—to be at war with some of these cultural things, like its okay to have man with man, woman with woman; it’s okay, they say, to push God out of our schools.”

“You forgot what we almost got elected in this land," he said in reference to Hillary Clinton and her pro-abortion, pro-LGBT agenda. "She’s on record on what she thinks about abortion. It would have continued and it would have gotten a lot more gruesome and worse."

President Donald J. Trump.  (YouTube)

“So you better be grateful," he said, "that we’ve got someone who is a friend of the Church and a friend of Israel. That, my friend, is huge.”

Earlier in his sermon, Pastor Kunneman said, “Can I give you another thing? I know people who are part of this president’s advisory board, and they have said that this president is trying to read his Bible, he’s trying to go for God. But you know what the Lord said to me? Because I was upset at President Trump. … He said, ‘Hank, right now, he has to say certain things because this culture is so out of order it’s going to take someone with an attitude and a boldness to speak up."

"When you’re siding with Hollywood and CNN and ABC over this Bible, there is something wrong with us," said the pastor. " There is something wrong when we think the culture is our voice, is our answer, is fact, is truth."

He then criticized the way the news media treat certain Christians.  “Come on!" said Pastor Kunneman. "You’ve got a press secretary who has to stand up in front of the people while this man from CNN continues – with his name Acosta, to accost her and degrade her. And comedians can now just say anything they want about people and think it’s funny and she now has to defend herself. You can’t tell me that doesn’t hurt her. Where have we gone in this nation?"

CNN's Jim Acosta berates White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to explain
how the Trump administration's immigration policy comports with the Bible. (YouTube)
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman

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