Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: LGBT Pride Month Celebrated by 'Children' of 'The Devil'

By Michael W. Chapman | June 20, 2017 | 1:53pm EDT

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. (BOND)

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, who runs BOND, which is dedicated to "rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man," said the people who are celebrating June as LGBTQ pride month are deceived because they actually are "celebrating sin," and contrary to their claims about being "children of God," they are "children of the lie" whose father is the "Devil."

He added that parents who allow their children to be indoctrinated in school with LGBT propaganda do not truly love their children, but turn them over to be "brainwashed."

Peterson is an author, speaker, counselor and political commentator. He grew up on the same Alabama plantation where his ancestors once toiled as slaves. Today, in addition to running BOND, he hosts a daily radio show and a TV show, The Fallen State

During his June 14 broadcast, Peterson discussed how homosexuality and transgenderism if promoted during the month of June by the federal government, as well as state and local government and private groups.

"This month is so-called homosexual month -- can you imagine -- the whole entire month is dedicated to celebrating quote on quote wrong, celebrating sin, isn't that amazing?" said Peterson.

"We are all not children of God," he continued.  "I don't know where that idea came from -- oh, from the children of the lie."

"We are not all children of God," said Peterson, "and this man Michael [who called in], this male Michael calls himself a preacher, so a lot of people are going to believe that lie simply because he says he’s a preacher."

"You're not all children of God," said Peterson.  "You're children of your father, the Devil."

"In California -- California mandates that schools teach LGBT history," he said.  "So your little boy, your little girl went to school today, went in school right now or on their way, because its almost 8AM Pacific time, and they will be taught, that they will be taught LGBT history."

No wonder the children are confused about who they are," said Peterson. "And the parents dress their kids up in the morning, feed them with breakfast, send them off to school so that they can be brainwashed. We're to love other children from the parents."


 (Image: Pinterest.)

Peterson then explained how some parents do not truly love their children because they allow them to be exposed, indoctrinated in pro-LGBT propaganda in the schools. 

"Most or many parents do not love their children today," he said.  "They don't. They sacrifice their children to the children of the lie."

"They allow their children to be sacrificed for evil, and I'm mentioning this because this whole month of June they're celebrating homosexuality in schools and playgrounds and everywhere else, and there's no outcry about it anymore," said Peterson.

Peterson is a columnist and the author of several books, including his latest, The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood.

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