Rev. Graham: ‘We're Losing Our Country … The Foundations of This Country Are Collapsing'

Michael W. Chapman | March 13, 2015 | 6:07pm EDT
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In an interview about persecution of Christians in the Middle East and restrictions on religious freedom in the United States, evangelical preacher Franklin Graham said America faces radically different issues than those that confronted his father, Billy Graham, and stressed that “we’re losing our country,” that “the foundations of this country are collapsing and falling apart.”

“My father wasn’t worried about losing our country when he was growing up,” said Rev. Franklin Graham on the Mar. 11 edition of Washington Watch With Tony Perkins. “That wasn’t the issue.”

“Today, we are losing morally our nation, and the foundations of this country are collapsing and falling apart,” said Rev. Graham.  “We better stand up, and we better speak up, and we start getting Christians to run [for office] and voting for those Christians that run.”

“We cannot be silent any longer,” he said, in reference to Tony Perkins’ comment that there is a correlation between the loss of religious freedom here in America and the persecution of Christians abroad, and that the time has come for Christians to speak up in defense of their faith.

You know, I have people come up to me and they say, ‘Franklin, your father would not be speaking out like this.’ And my answer to them is to say, when my father went to school, the Ten Commandments were still on the wall. When my father went to school, the teacher led the whole classroom in the Lord’s prayer.”

“The country that we’re living in today is not the same as when my father grew up,” he said.  “It’s a different day, it’s a different century, and we have a whole different, new set of issues in front of us. And what we’re doing today is we’re losing our country.”

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Perkins also remarked at how quickly America’s moral and cultural climate is deteriorating and asked about what Christians could do to stop reverse the decline.

Rev. Graham said, “Get involved, and start taking charge of your communities by getting Christians to run for political office. I’m talking about at every level. If we can do that across this country, this next election. If we can get Christians to begin to run for office -- that’s where we start.”

“The gays and lesbians have their people who run for office.,” he said.  “You have every other group that’s out there having their people run for office.”

We have to take this very seriously and realize we’re losing our country, and we’re going to lose our freedoms that we’ve enjoyed as Christians in this country – we’re losing those quickly,” said Rev. Graham. “Not only are we losing them around the world, we’re losing them in this country.”

Rev. Franklin Graham, left, and his father, Rev. Billy Graham, in 2006. (AP)

Franklin Graham, 62, runs the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and is president of the international relief group Samaritan’s Purse. His father, Billy Graham, is 96 and doing fairly well, according to reports, residing at his home in Montreat, N.C.

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