Rev. Graham Slams CNN for Promoting Drug Use, Calls for Firing Reporters

By Michael W. Chapman | January 3, 2018 | 10:31am EST
Rev. Franklin Graham.

After CNN broadcast a news story on New Year's Eve that touted the joys of smoking pot and getting stoned, Rev. Franklin Graham castigated the cable news outlet for "promoting drug use" and called on CNN to apologize and to fire the producers and reporters involved in the decadent news story.

"I wish this were #fakenews, but CNN seems to now be promoting drug use!" said Rev. Graham in a Jan. 3 post on Facebook.

"Their New Year’s Eve coverage of Colorado’s new pot laws was disgraceful," he said.  "Their reporter, Randi Kaye, excitedly—and shamelessly—held a joint, lit a bong, oohed over a special gas mask used by stoners, and laughed about not knowing where she was. All while wearing marijuana leaf earrings."

CNN's Randi Kaye, wearing marijuana leaf earrings, holds a
marijuana joint during a New Year's Eve broadcast. (YouTube)

"That’s really professional, isn’t it?" he said. "Someone commented on twitter, 'Really, CNN, this is where your morals have landed in 2018?'" 

Graham continued, "We have a crippling drug epidemic in our nation that is destroying families and lives. I think this reporter and the producers should be fired and CNN should apologize for promoting pot use."

"If you agree, let CNN know by tagging them in the comments below or commenting on their Facebook page," said Rev. Graham.


According to a report in USA Today, "marijuana increases the risk of psychosis, in which people lose touch with realitynd may experience delusions, hallucinations and paranoia.... Colorado police have reported two deaths this year related to psychosis-like episodes in pot users."

CNN's Randi Kaye with marijuana drug users on New Year's Eve.  (YouTube)

Also, "marijuana doubles the risk of a car accident when people try to drive soon after using it," reported USA Today.  "Marijuana causes more car accidents than any other illicit drug, a 2013 study shows. In comparison, being legally drunk — with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% — increases the risk of an accident by five times."

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