Rev. Graham: Planned Parenthood is 'Hitleristic,' 'Death Is Their Prescription'

By Michael W. Chapman | February 13, 2017 | 11:07am EST

Rev. Franklin Graham. 

(Screenshot, FNC.) 

Commenting on the hundreds of millions of dollars Planned Parenthood receives in tax money every year, Christian leader Franklin Graham said tax dollars should not go to such a "Hitleristic organization," which has "killed nearly one million babies in the womb" since 2013. He added that Planned Parenthood slaughters "little ones" and "death is their prescription."

In a Feb. 10 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham, son of world-renowned pastor Billy Graham, said, "Planned Parenthood—the country's largest abortion provider—received over $353 million in private donations according to a recent annual report. Why on earth would Congress give them another $550 million in government grants and reimbursements?"

"In a recent three-year period, Planned Parenthood killed nearly one million babies in the womb—what a tragedy," said Rev. Graham.

"Taxpayer dollars, withheld from American paychecks should never be used to fund a Hitleristic organization whose conduct many see as insidious, evil, unjust, and even criminal," he said.  How do they keep on slaughtering little ones, and yet portray themselves as health clinics?"

"Death is their prescription," said Rev. Graham. 

He continued, "Conservative lawmakers in Congress, both Democratic and Republican, need to stand together to do the right thing and end this wholesale slaughter of innocent life. Every life is precious to God, and should be to us as well."

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives, led by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), has promised to cut off all federal funding to Planned Parenthood through the next reconciliation bill to fund the government. 

According to its latest annual report (2014-2015), Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions for that year and received $553.7 million in "government Health Services Grants & Reimbursements," which comprised 43% of its revenue. For 2013-14, Planned Parenthood killed 327,653 babies by abortion, and in 2012-13, killed 327,166 babies. 

(Photo: Center for Medical Progress.) 


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