Rev. Graham: 'The Gloves Are Off ... The Radical Left' Is Trying 'To Crush All Who Hold to a Biblical Worldview'

By Michael W. Chapman | March 12, 2019 | 5:11pm EDT
Rev. Franklin Graham (BGEA)

In a commentary about how the liberal media attacked Karen Pence for teaching at a Christian school, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said the "progressive" left is poisoning the nation and seeking to "harshly punish and completely silence" those who adhere to a "Biblical worldview."

"The hostility, bias, and ridicule of Biblical morality is blatant and obvious," he said. "I promise that I will raise my voice each and every day against such injustice and wicked behavior."

In the piece, We Must Not Remain Silent, published in the March issue of Decision magazine, Rev. Graham explains that Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, used to teach at an evangelical Christian school (for 12 years) and had decided to return to teaching at the institution. However, when the liberal press found out, they excoriated her and the school because it had the temerity to actually teach traditional Christian morality.

Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence. (Getty Images)

The Immanuel Christian School in Virginia affirms "traditional, Biblical marriage between one man and one woman, with clear definitions of sexual identity according to Scripture," said the reverend.  "These are the solid, moral foundations that have undergirded civilizations for millennia."

The Washington Post exclaimed, "Karen Pence, America’s second lady, is teaching at a Virginia Religious School that bans LGBTQ students and employees.” The BBC complained, “Vice President’s wife to teach at anti-LGBT school” and CNN huffed, “Karen Pence to teach at school that bans gay students, teachers."

"The hostility, bias, and ridicule of Biblical morality is blatant and obvious," said Graham. The liberal media focused solely on "the fact that the sexual mores of the school were not aligned with the new immoral mantra of the radical left."

"This is the point to which we have come," said Graham. "The war against Biblical values and those who embrace them is full on. The gloves are off, and the radical left would like to crush all who hold to a Biblical worldview."

Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham (1918-2018), then discussed the recently passed extreme abortion law in New York, which allows abortion up to the moment of birth. He also noted a proposed (but failed) measure in Virginia that would not only allow abortion when a pregnant woman is dilating but also permit a baby that survives an abortion to be left to die on a table. 


That is "infanticide," said Graham. "While followers of the Lord Jesus Christ should never resort to violence, we must do all we can to resist evil."

"We can’t stick our heads in the sand and pretend these forces of evil are dormant," he said. "They are not, and if we remain silent, then our children and grandchildren will pay a tremendous price for our inaction."

Rev. Graham continued, "I promise that I will raise my voice each and every day against such injustice and wicked behavior. I cannot and will not stand idly by. By God’s grace and with God’s help, I will 'fight the good fight,' trusting in the sovereign hand of the Lord to work in the hearts and lives of His people to embolden them."


In conclusion, the reverend said, "With God’s help, we will pray, we will stand boldly for God’s truth, and we will never compromise with a godless culture that defies and despises the principles of Scripture."

"We stand," he said, "knowing that in the end, God will judge all those who are opposed to Him, and He will establish His perfect will and Kingdom on earth just as it is in Heaven.

"May that day come soon."

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