Rev. Graham: Gay Marriage, Transgenders, 'Just the Beginning of a Moral Onslaught on This Nation'

Michael W. Chapman | February 8, 2016 | 4:54pm EST
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Rev. Franklin Graham. (FNC)

Rev. Franklin Graham urged evangelical Christians to get involved in the electioral process and "make their vote count," adding that the 2016 race is vitally important because homosexual marriage, abortion, and now transgender laws are on the table, marking "just the beginning of a moral onslaught on the nation." 

"[T]his is ridiculous," said Rev. Graham," for a person to be able to wake up in the morning and say, 'You know, I feel like I'm a woman today,' For a man to say, 'I feel like a woman, I'm going to go into a woman's bathroom.' ... This is ridiculous."

Reverend Graham also said he has faith neither in the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party, but has faith in God and is urging people to live their faith, to pray, and to vote.

“What’s happened is the evangelical vote has not been heard, and I want them to get out and at least make their vote count," said Rev. Graham in a Feb. 7 interview with Scott Slade on WSB Radio in Atlanta, Ga.  "Now, I don’t have any faith in the Republican Party, and I don’t have any faith in the Democratic Party. I believe the only hope, really, is God." 

"And if we turn out as evangelical Christians -- both for men and women who have godly principles and who are willing to follow what I would  say is God’s leading in their lives -- those are the men and women we need to vote for," he said.

“But I don’t have any faith in a system, any faith in a party," said the reverend, son of pastor Billy Graham.  "I have faith in God. And I think there’s good men and women out there running, but we’ve got to get behind them and back them and support them. So, I’m going across the country. It’s called the Decision America Tour.”

Franklin Graham's Decision America Tour 2016 will visit all 50 states, leading up to the November elections, where he will preach and invite people to get involved in the U.S. electoral process. 

As the radio interview continued, host Scott Slade said, "When I asked Rev. Graham why he thought this was the most important election in his lifetime, he went in a direction I didn’t expect. What makes this one different than the last two or three?"

(AP photo.)

Rev. Graham said, “Because of the course that we have taken these last eight years. Same-sex marriage. We see that on the table. I see this as a major moral failure of our nation. Abortion, no question. But now that we’re accepting same-sex marriage — the transgender issue that is being forced in many communities by the left."

"It’s just the beginning of a moral onslaught on this nation," he said. 

Scott Slade:  “When I asked him that there are those who believe the LGBT community belongs under God’s tent, too, he said --"

“First of all, this is ridiculous, for a person to be able to wake up in the morning and say, ‘You know, I feel like I’m a woman today,'" said Rev. Graham. "For a man to say, ‘I feel like a woman, I’m going to go into a woman’s bathroom.’   There are certain things that – we need privacy in this world. The left wants to take all privacy away from individuals."

"How many transgender people do you think there are in the world?" said Rev. Graham.  "Are there a few hundred, a few thousand? We’re going to change all of society, millions and millions of American people, to accommodate where just a handful of people who want to go to the bathroom? This is ridiculous.”

Scott Slade then asked, “When you come to Atlanta, will you be announcing an endorsement like Jerry Falwelll Jr. did?"

Rev. Graham said, “No, I’m not going to endorse any candidates. I’m going to encourage people to vote, and to get involved in the process. I’m not going to get behind any candidates or endorse any?”

Rev. Graham, 63, is married and has five children. In addition to running the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, he also oversees the internation Christian relief group Samaritan's Purse. Franklin Graham regularly preaches in the United States and abroad. 

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