Rev. Graham: ‘America Is Being Systematically Stripped of its Christian Heritage’ By Politicians ‘Hostile to Christianity’

Michael W. Chapman | February 2, 2016 | 11:48am EST
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Rev. Franklin Graham.  (FNC)

Secularism has infiltrated our government, schools, and society to such a vast extent that it is stripping America of its “Christian heritage,” and replacing it with “a worldview that embraces atheistic humanism and is devoid of biblical values,” said Rev. Franklin Graham, son of world-renowned preacher Billy Graham.

This godless agenda is being pushed by “government, politicians, and judges who are openly hostile to Christianity,” said the reverend, who added that our nation needs to repent and “to pray,” and support “leaders who fear and follow God.”

“When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and communism in Europe was defeated, a new and subtle threat began to emerge – secularism,” says Rev. Graham in his February commentary for Decision magazine

“Year by year, the steady rise of secularism has infiltrated and overtaken the influential halls of government and education,” he said. “As godless as communism, secularism now prevails and dominates in almost every sector of society and culture.”

“Its goal is to remove all vestiges of Christianity from the public square and to replace it with a worldview that embraces atheistic humanism and is devoid of biblical values,” said the reverend.

“Make no mistake,” he continued,  “America is being systematically stripped of its Christian heritage by government, politicians and judges who are openly hostile to Christianity.”

In America today, “immorality is flagrant,” said Rev. Graham. “The family unit is in shambles. Sin is celebrated. Violence is a plague. Greed and idolatry are rampant.”

U. S. Capitol dome.  (AP) 

“Like the walls of Jerusalem that were burned and destroyed by its enemies, the once well-built moral walls of our nation have been stormed and battered by the secular powers of our age,” he said.

“The longstanding restraint that the church has provided for our culture to every manner of sin is under relentless assault,” he said.  “Secularists and progressives would like for that restraint to be dismantled and removed altogether.”

To help counter this destruction, Rev. Graham is calling on Americans to turn back to God in repentance and to pray. He also is urging people to get involved and support “leaders who fear and follow God.”

Otherwise, “we will allow godless candidates to continue to steer our country into moral anarchy and open rebellion against God and His ways.”

“Our nation is in trouble,” he said, and unless we follow “Almighty God, we will no longer see His hand of blessing on our great country.” 

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