Report: Communist China Replacing Ten Commandments With Quotes by President Xi

Michael W. Chapman | September 30, 2019 | 1:22pm EDT
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Chinese Bibles. (Getty Images)

Communist Chinese officials have forced one of the largest Protestant groups in the world, the government-sanctioned Three-Self Church, to remove all images of the Ten Commandments from its churches and replace them with quotes and pictures of authoritarian President Xi Jinping and former dictator Mao Zedong, according to Fox

The Chinese regime is cracking down on all religions and forcing them to implement -- "sinicize" -- the socialist teachings of the Communist Party into their faith and religious practices. 

"The state-sanctioned Three-Self Church -- one of the largest Protestant bodies in the world -- has removed the Ten Commandments from almost all their locations, but some have been reportedly shut down for not implementing the government's plan," reported Fox 

One congregant, according to the human rights magazine Bitter Winter, said "the government is threatening to blacklist anyone not complying, meaning their travels will be restricted and schooling and future employment for their children will be impeded."

A Protestant pastor said, “The Communist Party’s ultimate goal is to ‘become God.’ This is what the devil has always done."

“The government’s first step is to prohibit religious couplets [phrases, terms]," he said. "Then it dismantles crosses and starts to implement the ‘four requirements’ by ordering the national flag and ‘core socialist values’ to be placed in churches. Surveillance cameras to monitor believers and religious activities are then installed."

Communist dictator Mao Zedong, left, and Chinese President Xi Jinping. 
(Getty Images)

"The last step is to replace the Ten Commandments with Xi Jinping’s speeches," said the pastor. 

The United Front Work Document, another Communist Party intelligence agency, told one church, “The Party must be obeyed in every respect. You have to do whatever the Party tells you to do. If you contradict, your church will be shut down immediately," reported 

The news report further stated that Chinese officials are stopping people from proselytizing and closing Sunday schools. 

(Getty Images)


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