Rep. Steve King: Russia Hacking U.S. Election is a 'CNN Narrative'

By Michael W. Chapman | February 15, 2017 | 11:48am EST

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa).

(Screenshot: CNN)

During a CNN interview about leaks to the liberal media from certain people in the intelligence community alleging collusion between between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, House Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said there still is not "one fact" on the table, only "opinions," and the idea that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election is a "CNN narrative."

In the Feb. 15 interview on CNN's "New Day," host Alisyn Camerota read from one of President Donald Trump's latest tweets about the unlawful leaks to the media and the topic of Russia.

“The president has just tweeted this," said Camerota.  "I’m reading it for the first time that you’ll be hearing it, so let’s do this together: ‘The Russian connection nonsense is merely an attempt to cover up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.’ Huh?”

Rep. Steve King replied, “Well, that’s tempting for me to take that bait this morning but to keep the subjects separate – I think there’s two, and I’ll say this. On that Hillary Clinton investigation, that’s a Justice Department issue. I sit on the Judiciary Committee and I chair the Constitution Sub-Committee, but it could become our responsibility to look at that topic.”

Camerota then interjected, “But what does Hillary Clinton’s campaign have to do with Michael Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador in possibly a way that violates a law?”

King said,  “I think it’s a CNN narrative that the allegations that the Russians were trying to influence the U.S. election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.”

“Hold on a minute! CNN didn’t invent this," said Camerota. "As you know, there were a score of intelligence agencies — seventeen of them — that concluded that Russia had hacked and meddled in our election.”

King replied, “Alisyn, there was dissent among that. And, furthermore, I sat in on that classified briefing and they divulged not one fact. They only gave us their opinions. So, we’re back at the same place again. We need facts to work with.”

Camerota then asked, “Just so I’m clear Congressman: You do not believe that Russia meddled?”

Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.  (AP) 

King answered,  “I don’t know. I don’t have — I don’t know if they meddled or not. I want to see a transcript; I want to hear some audio. I want to see a chronological timeline, that we can say these things we know that are facts. Because what we’re dealing with are opinions."

"And obviously now they’re opinions of people in the intelligence community that are the direct enemies of Donald Trump," said King. "They don’t want to see him succeed. We know that from Clapper and Brennan and their attitudes and the way they’ve come out aggressively after they left their positions with the Obama administration – not to mention Ben Rhoades, who may be behind this too."

The Democrats "smell blood in the water and they’re going to keep beating the drum until they have another drum that will beat louder than this one," said King.  

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