Ray Comfort: Can't Trust Atheists in Power -- They 'Caused 110 Million Deaths' in One Century

By Michael W. Chapman | July 11, 2016 | 4:27pm EDT

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort.

(Screenshot: YouTube) 

Asked to comment on Amercans' dislike of atheists and that no avowed atheist has ever served as president of the United States, evangelist Ray Comfort explained that atheists cannot be trusted with political power because they have no "moral high ground to stand on," and added that in the last 100 years, atheist leaders have killed more than 110 million people worldwide.

On the July 5 Janet Mefferd radio show, the host asked Comfort, “It’s so interesting to note how many Americans like atheists the least of any religious group. How does this issue play into the fact we don’t have any atheist members of Congress and we’ve never had an atheist president?”

Comforst said, “Well, a lot of you have heard the saying that religion has caused more wars than anything.  That’s a favorite of atheists. And it just isn’t true."

"According to the encyclopedia, of all that’s published, in 2004, there’s been 1,763 wars up until 2004 – 1,763 in history," said Comfort. "Only 8 percent were religious wars, and 2/3 of the 8 percent were in the name of Islam. So, 92 percent of the wars in history have been more political in nature, like the first world war, the second world war, Vietnam war, Korea – not religious wars."

"So, when were talking wars, atrocities, and deaths, Atheists have caused 110 million deaths in the last hundred years," said Comfort.  "Stalin, 60 million, he was an atheist. Mao, 40 million, and he was an atheist. Pol Pot, 1.7 million, he was an atheist. Vladimir Lenin, 5 million people slaughtered, he was an atheist." 

Comfort continued, “And so when people realize that, you can’t trust an atheist in a position of authority, especially politically. They may be nice people when you meet them in the street."

"But you give them power to do what they want and carry out their own agendas," he said,  "and you’re going to find that they don’t have any moral high ground to stand on because they’re not standing on any whatsoever.”

Ray Comfort, 66, is a Christian minister and evangelist. He is married and has three children. He is the co-author, with Kirk Cameron, of The Way of the Master. He also wrote You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think: Answers to Questions from Angry Skeptics, and co-author with Tim LaHaye of Hitler, God, and The Bible.  Comfort also produced he documentary 180: Changing the Heart of a Nation

Joseph Stalin, left, and Vladimir Lenin, the atheist, communist founders of 

the Soviet Union, responsible for the death of an estimated 60 million people. 


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