President of Malta: 'I Will Never Sign' Abortion Bill, 'Authorization of Murder'

By Michael W. Chapman | May 24, 2021 | 12:52pm EDT
George Vella, president of Malta.  (Getty Images)
George Vella, president of Malta. (Getty Images)

The president of Malta, George Vella, said he would never sign a bill that permits abortion -- "authorization of murder" -- and would rather "resign and go home" than see such evil prescribed in Malta. 

“I will never sign a bill that involves the authorization of murder,” Vella said, as reported in the Times of Malta. 

On May 12, independent MP Marlene Farrugia introduced legislation that would strike three articles in Maltese law that prohibit abortion and allow for prison terms of up to three years for those who help with an abortion. 


“I cannot stop the executive from deciding, that is up to Parliament," said President Vella.  "But I do have the liberty, if I don’t agree with a bill, to resign and go home, I have no problem doing this.” 

When asked if any exception could be made to allow abortion, Vella added, “You have either killed or not killed, there can be no half-death. I’m very clear, there are no ifs and buts.” 

Malta is an archipelago in the Merditerranean Sea, just south of Sicily. It has been inhabited since approximately 5900 B.C. Today, the population of 515,000 people is 90% Christian, mostly Catholic. The Constitution of Malta legally recognizes Catholicism as the state religion. 

h/t Times of Malta  

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