Pastor Jeffress: Harvey Weinstein is the 'Natural Result' of a Nation that Rejects God's Word

Michael W. Chapman
By Michael W. Chapman | October 31, 2017 | 1:19 PM EDT

Pastor Robert Jeffress.
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Noting that American liberals follow a subjective morality -- individuals decide what is right or wrong for themselves -- Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress said there is no reason for them to complain about the alleged sexual harassment committed by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein because he may have just been following his own views on what is right and wrong.

This is "no accident," said Jeffress, adding that Weinstein is the "natural result of a country that has untethered itself from the absolute truths of God's Word." 

Pastor Jeffress is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and the author of the new book, A Place Called Heaven. During his Oct. 22 sermon at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Jeffress said, “Our Founders were clear. In the First Amendment they said Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion."

"Our forefathers came from a country where there was a state church and people were coerced to worship in churches they didn’t want to be in," said Dr. Jeffress. "That was wrong. Our forefathers said, ‘we want no part of that.’ And you and I don’t want any part of that."

“But the First Amendment has absolutely nothing to say about nativity scenes or prayers at graduation or Ten Commandments displays," he said.  "It has absolutely nothing to say about that.  Our country was founded as a Christian nation. And although we allow people of all faiths or no faith, this country was founded as a Christina nation."

He countinued, “But let me tell you what happened. About 50 years ago, starting in 1962, the secularists, the infidels in our country said, ‘Let’s try an experiment. We’re going to see if America can be good without God.’  That is, instead of abiding by the moral absolutes found in God’s Word, we’ll just let everybody form their own morality, and furthermore, we won’t judge anybody else’s morality. Everybody’s free to decide what’s right or wrong for himself."

"The left has been all in a dither about Harvey Weinstein," said Pastor Jeffress.  "It took them awhile to get there, didn’t it? But they finally got there so they started slamming Harvey Weinstein and the terrible cases of sexual assault that he and others in Hollywood are guilty of."

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. 
(YouTube screenshot.) 

"But think about this: Who’s to say, by their thinking, that Harvey Weinstein is wrong?" said Dr. Jeffress.  "Who’s to say that it’s wrong to sexually assault somebody?  Maybe Harvey Weinstein was just following his own morality that he developed for himself."

"What I’m saying to you is, Harvey Weinstein is no anomaly," said the pastor.  "He’s no accident. He is the natural result of a country that has untethered itself from the absolute truths of God’s Word. That is what the truth is."

After all, if one believes it is okay to murder children by abortion, then anything is allowed. 

Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman

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