NC Lt. Gov: Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News 'Two of the Most Liberal Rags in the Country ... Leftist Propaganda'

By Michael W. Chapman | June 6, 2016 | 5:56pm EDT

North Carolina's Lt. Gov. Dan 

Forest, a Republican. (Photo: Lt.

Gov's. office)

Commenting on the LGBT agenda and North Carolina’s new law that says men and women must use the bathroom and shower that matches their sex at birth, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest said conservative lawmakers must battle the liberal media every day, and added that the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer “are two of the most liberal rags in the country right now,” essentially “leftist propaganda arms.”

He further said the liberal media don’t report the facts to the public about LGBT actions, “so people can make up their mind by themselves,” but engage in media malpractice,” adding that the bias is so warped it’s “amazing” that a “conservative Republican can even get elected in America anymore.”

During a June 1 interview on TruNews radio, host Rick Wiles talked about the new “bathroom” law in North Carolina and asked Lt. Gov. Forest, “What role has the Charlotte Observer played in this [LGBT] issue?”

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest said, “Well, pretty much all of our media in North Carolina newspapers, a handful of very liberal newspapers all across the state, every city has a newspaper like the Charlotte Observer.”

“So, Charlotte and the Raleigh News & Observer are two of the most liberal rags in the country right now. It’s pretty much leftist, propaganda arms anymore. And most of them are. TV stations are the same way.”

“That’s the battle that we face,” he said.  “Every single day, even though [media] people might know the truth, they’re not willing to report it, they’re not willing to tell people what’s going on out there related to this [bathroom] bill. They’re not even willing to read the bill so people can make up their mind by themselves.”

“I call it media malpractice because the media knows exactly what’s going on, and yet they choose to report false things to the people, and stir up the people,” said Forest.

“It’s a big role the media plays, but they’ve been playing that role for a long time in America,” said the lieutenant governor. “It’s pretty amazing to me, as a conservative Republican, that a conservative Republican can even get elected in America anymore.”

(AP photo.) 

In March, the North Carolina legislature passed and Gov. Pat McCrory sign into law HB2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act. The law says that biological males must use men’s bathrooms, lockers, and showers, and that biological females must use women’s bathrooms, lockers, and showers in all government run and open-to-public establishments.

Male or female is determined by the sex stated on one’s birth certificate.

Government buildings and private companies may use unisex or family facilities, if they have them or want to offer them.  In addition, if a transgender person undergoes sex-reassignment surgery and changes the sex on his birth certificate, they can then use the bathroom of their “new” sex.

Private companies not open to the public may implement any bathroom policy they want for their employees. 

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