NASCAR's 20-Year-Old Will Byron: 'Faith Is Center ... Racing Was God's Plan For Me'

Michael W. Chapman | February 19, 2018 | 11:03am EST
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20-year-old NASCAR
champion William Byron.

While praising the accomplishments of 20-year-old NASCAR driver William Byron, Reverend Franklin Graham noted that Byron attends a Christian university, views his religious faith as the "center" of his life, and believes that God led him to racing as a way to "spread" the Christian faith.

In a Feb. 19 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham said, "Can you imagine racing a 200 mph NASCAR race car in the #Daytona500 at 20 years of age? Well, William Byron did yesterday! He drives Hendrick Motorsports #24—that’s quite an accomplishment, but that’s not all."

"This young man attends Liberty University, which is a great Christian university—all of my four children attended school there," said Graham.  "I think William had a fantastic answer when asked if his faith was a factor in what he does—"

William Byron after a win at Indianapolis.  (YouTube)

Then Graham quoted Byron: “Racing is so unpredictable that you can’t control the outcome most of the time. That’s why God is so important in my life. Winning a race can’t be the center of your life, and it never has been for me."

"I’ve been able to take racing and be relaxed about it to the degree that I can still go out there and be competitive, but I know that my faith is center," he said, "and I can rely on that all of the time."

"I feel like getting into racing was God’s plan for me, so I can spread my faith through the racing garage and with race fans — that’s why it’s been so special," said Byron. 

In conclusion, Rev. Graham said, "Way to go William! Keep putting God first, and that will be your biggest win in life."

Artist illustration of Jesus healing a blind man. (YouTube)


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