Mexican Cardinal Condemns Abortion, 'Gender Ideology,' Cites Earthquakes as God's Warnings

Michael W. Chapman | December 19, 2017 | 3:13pm EST
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Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez. 

At a huge Mass of reparation in Mexico City on Dec. 10, Mexican Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez condemned abortion, gender ideology, drug cartels, and government corruption, among other evils, and said these widespread sins will be punished by God, and he added that the brutal earthquakes that occurred on Sept. 19, 2017 and Sept. 19, 1985 could be warnings from God. 

"Our Lord and our God, before a greater punishment comes, you send temporal punishments or paternal corrections by means of the nature that is your work and is governed by your providence,” said Cardinal Sandoval at the event, as reported by LifeSiteNews. “Is it pure coincidence that there have been two [earthquakes on] September 19 in this very city?”

In the 2017 quake 98 people were killed and in the 1985 quake an estimated 45,000 people were killed. 

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Speaking of the country's sins that merited reparation, the cardinal said, "“We have sinned by committing the worst, most grave, and most cruel crime of all, that of abortion, practiced throughout our country, sometimes with the consent of iniquitous laws and sometimes in secret, in hiding, but always with cruelty, with malice that takes advantage of the innocent and defenseless."

He then compared the brutality of abortion with the violence of Mexican drug cartels. 

“Many thousands of innocent children are assassinated constantly in the wombs of their mothers and in return, and in punishment of this crime, organized crime kills, dismembers its victims, just as children are destroyed in the maternal womb,” said the Catholic cardinal, who is the archbishop of Guadalajara. 


Cardinal Sandoval then condemned gender ideology for its sexual corruption of children and society.

"We have sinned, O Lord, accepting and promoting gender ideology, which with its package of perversions aggresses against family and life, with the unconfessed purpose of ruining societies, subjugating and plundering them,” he said.

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“Without purpose and without families, our country has no future,” said the cardinal. He then noted that in the United Nations, “Mexico voted against family and life and in favor of the supposed sexual rights of children, removing them from the authority of their parents.”

The special Mass, attended by about 2,000 people, according to LifeSiteNews, was held in Mexico City, the nation's capital, for "redress, reparation, and consecration" to bring the Mexican people closer to God and to make amends for the sins of the nation. 

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