Megyn Kelly Pulls Kids From NYC School, Says Radical Left Racial Ideas Being Promoted

Michael W. Chapman | November 18, 2020 | 1:29pm EST
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Former NBC host Megan Kelly.  (Getty Images)
Former NBC host Megan Kelly. (Getty Images)

Former NBC and FNC lead correspondent Megyn Kelly, who now hosts the Megyn Kelly Show podcast, said she pulled her two sons from their school in New York City because the school leaders are promoting radical racial ideas that apparently posit that white children are racist and need to be "reformed." 

"It's so out of control on so many levels, and after years of resisting it, we're going to leave the city," Kelly said on her Nov. 16 podcast.  "We pulled our boys from their school, and our daughter is going to be leaving hers soon, too. The schools have always been far left, which doesn't align with my own ideology, but I didn't really care. Most of my friends are liberals; it's fine. I come from Democrats as a family."

Kelly then explained that administrators at her sons' school -- which she did not name -- were promoting an article to the faculty by Nahliah Webber, executive director of the Orleans Public Education Network. In the article, Webber promotes myriad racist ideas about "white children" who grow up to snuff out "Black life."

"[T]hey have gone off the deep-end," said Kelly. "This summer, in the wake of George Floyd, they circulated amongst the diversity group — which includes white parents like us; there are people who want to be allies and stay attuned to what we can do — an article, and afterward, they recirculated it and wanted every member of the faculty to read it."

Nahliah Webber, executive director, Orleans Public Education Network. (Screenshot, YouTube)
Nahliah Webber, executive director, Orleans Public Education Network. (Screenshot, YouTube)

Kelly then quoted from the article: "And there’s a killer cop sitting in every school where White children learn. ... They gleefully soak in their White-washed history that downplays the holocaust of Indigenous, Native peoples and Africans in the Americas. They happily believe their all-White spaces exist as a matter of personal effort and willingly use violence against Black bodies to keep those spaces white."

"As Black bodies drop like flies around us from physical, medical, economic, and material deprivation and violence at White hands, how can we in any of our minds or metrics conclude that the Whites are alright?" Kelly quoted. 

She continued, "White children are left unchecked and unbothered in their schools, homes and communities to join, advance and protect systems that take away Black life. ... I’m tired of White people reveling in their state-sanctioned depravity, snuffing out Black life with no consequences...."

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

"Where’s the urgency for school reform for White kids being indoctrinated in Black death and protected from the consequences?" reads the article. "Where are the government-sponsored reports looking into how White mothers are raising culturally deprived children who think Black death is okay? Where are the national conferences, white papers and policy positions on the pathology of Whiteness in schools [and how it leaves White children behind as adults]?"

Kelly further quoted, "This time if you really want to make a difference in black lives — and not have to protest this s*** again — go reform white kids. ... Because that's where the problem is — with white children being raised from infancy to violate black bodies with no remorse or accountability."

In tweeting about her podcast, Kelly wrote, "After years of resisting it," left-wing ideology, "we're going to leave."

"@MegynKelly describes why she pulled her kids out of their NYC schools - and she, @GlennLoury and @Coldxman Hughes discuss how 'woke' leftism has taken over schools."

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